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ERN members meet for a long run each Sunday, usually as part of a training programme for either a Spring or Autumn Marathon. There are also shorter alternatives on the same day, so don’t feel you have to be training for a marathon to come along! Far from it, all are welcome. Runs meet, start and finish at public sports centres, cafes or galleries to allow ease of parking, changing and toilet facilities, please note that if you’re not a member of the facility, there may be a charge. You can find details below and also in the Weekly Member Newsletter. Join us if you can, cost is free for ERN members and non-members who want to try us out for a couple of runs before joining.

Visiting Edinburgh for a short time and just want someone to run with whilst you’re here? We’d love to have you along and will give you a great ERN welcome; there’s no charge but you must be over 18. Let us know you are coming so that we can look out for you by us an email at enquiries@edinburghrunningnetwork.org.uk

After the run don’t rush off, take time to join us for a coffee and a blether as we head off to a cafe somewhere at the end of the run.

Run Leaders are Elly Mackenzie, Fi Mackenzie.

Up and Coming Runs 


Sunday 21 January 2018

Our starting point this week will be Ainslie Park leisure centre at the usual time of 9.30am.  Three runs are planned for the day: Week 5 of the London marathon training plan is a 12 mile run with a couple of shorter runs planned, a 9 miler and a 6 miler. There is a cafe in the leisure centre to catch up afterwards.

Sunday 28 January 2018

It is the club’s AGM today at the Commenwealth Pool and therefore this week‘s runs start and finish here.  There will be a staggered start time for the runs so that everyone finishes around the same time to be able to attend the AGM.  We are on week 6 of the London marathon training plan and the first week of the EMF marathon plan – both share a 9 mile run.  The start time for this longer run will be 9.45am. There is also a shorter option of 6 miles available.  The start time for this shorter run will be 10.15am.