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Run Leaders

We aim to have Run Leaders at each of the weekly training sessions. These are ERN members who have been through a jogscotland training course which covers everything from warm-up to cool-down, fitness programmes, risk assessment and helping people overcome common barriers to starting exercise – such as lack of confidence, perceived lack of time, lack of support etc. Run Leaders also have access to the emergency contact details provided by members in case of need.

Fiona Mackenzie – Coach Co-Ordinator:

Fi started to run, (“not very well”), when she signed up for her first triathlon, the New Years Day Triathlon on 01/01/01. “I knew I could cycle my big hefty bike around Arthurs Seat about 20 mins a circuit, I suspected I could swim 8 lengths of the commie pool using a combination of breaststroke & back crawl, so only the running to perfect – after the event I felt that was still the problem, and then ‘they’ invented jogscotland. I followed the programme & finally managed to get a bit better at running, met a few new friends who were at the same sort of stage in running & improved a bit, entered some races & really enjoyed the experience. We felt unsure of the ‘athleticy’ type of serious running clubs, so dreamt up our version of a running club – not so serious but with a good social aspect. Edinburgh Running Network was delivered along with the bulletproof orange vests. Over the years my running has improved a bit, my bike has evolved a lot & my swimming is unrecognisable & i have recently started to embrace mud & hills. I am a jogscotland advanced jogleader –  The great thing about running is the amount of lovely people you meet.”

Elly Mackenzie – Run Leader:

I trained as a Jog Leader in January 2010 and started to help Gordon on a Monday night at Portobello. I now take the Monday class with help from Andrew Simpson and thoroughly enjoy seeing the regulars set and achieve their own goals.

Andrew Simpson-Run Leader there is a lot we could say, but come along to one of Andrews thursday sessions & see for yourself.