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Little ERN 10K & 5K 2013

ERN's regular 'time trial' event. Predict your time for the 10K or 5K course, run without a watch, see how close you can get to your prediction and win a prize if you are the closest, or how much you can beat your prediction by if you want to challenge yourself.

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Little ERN 10K 2012

For the last couple of years ERN's annual 10K race has been impacted by weather conditions. In 2010, the route had to be changed and significantly shortened because of extremely icy conditions, making parts of the route unusable. Last year saw several inches of snow fall overnight resulting in a mostly snow covered route with slushy conditions in some places.

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Little ERN 10K 2011

After waking to the first snow of the year, runners and marshals gathered at Meadowbank Sports Centre for ERN's annual 10km race. Thankfully the snow wasn't that deep, being slushy and not icy, so the traditional route out to Duddingston via the Innocent Railway and back incorporating a circuit of Arthur was on! Jo-F (along with her marshals) took control of registration noting predicted times, issuing numbers and shooed everyone away to Holyrood Park for the start near St Margaret's Loch...

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Little ERN 10K 2009

Dreich weather welcomed runners and marshals when they gathered at Meadowbank Sports Stadium for the annual Little ERN 10km. The centre was busy, there was some kind of children's gymnastic event on, but Fi took control of registration, issued numbers, noted predicted times and finally shooed everyone away to Holyrood Park for the start near St Margaret's Loch.

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Little ERN 10K 2007 and ERN Christmas Dinner

Little ERN was held this year in good weather; dry, slightly overcast but with a stiff breeze. Good turnout, giving up their christmas shopping, made for a competitive event on the day. All times were very close to estimates, mostly under their predictions, although most were also slightly slower than in 2006 probably due to the wind.

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