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Carnethy 5 Hill Race 2016

I'm not a very fast hillrunner and so haven't really entertained entering such a 'short' race as the Carnethy 5, but the opportunity to marshal this came up again. I offered to be tailrunner this year. This was what I ended up doing - so could complete the race without the pressure of worrying about coming last, and then on Saturday morning it snowed.

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Berwick Law Race 2015

"It all started with a passing comment on Facebook. I’d heard about the North Berwick Law race before and thought that looks interesting… I hadn’t really given it an awful lot more thought than that and hadn't realised it was even this time of year so when I saw a comment saying that the race was the same evening I thought it's a bit last-minute but why the hell not, I'll just do it."

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Carnethy 5 Hill Race 2014

I had been keen to tackle the Carnethy 5 for a few years but always thought I would need to train specifically for it and be at full fitness. After missing the final 5 weeks of last year with injury I needed a good target to aim for. I knew I’d never be ready in 6 weeks time but thought that if I didn’t do it now I might never get round to doing it.

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Pentland Skyline Hill Race 2013

At the start of the year this was one of my target races. However, not having been hill running since July and having let running in general tail off slightly I had written it off but when Rachel's newsletter came round last week and mentioned The Skyline, I thought perhaps, perhaps...

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