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LP Run 2015

An appeal to all club members in respect of this charity event from Mike Russell of the LP Run Committee.

We need your help… and, yes, that means “you”! Ellie Barnard has very kindly agreed to chair the LP Run Committee this year, assuming that role from Heather Jones who has tirelessly led this event for five successful years. Thank you, Heather! Supporting Ellie this year will again be Jo Vinall, Ros Shaw, Claire Monk and me. But we need more. In previous years, we have raised significant sums for various charities. This year, the charity that will benefit will be Alzheimer Scotland. The event will take place on the morning of Sunday 23rd August, at the usual venue of Meadowbank Stadium. MAKE A NOTE IN YOUR DIARY… RIGHT NOW!!! Remember that this event involves completing as many circuits as possible of the running track at Meadowbank Stadium in 33 1/3rd minutes, whilst at the same time listening to music, chosen by entrants, being played over Meadowbank Stadium’s tannoy system, and enjoying (this is ERN after all) home-made cake afterwards. What better way is there to spend an August Sunday morning in Edinburgh?! Last year, there were 61 entrants, of which just 20 were from ERN. We can and should do a lot better than that, and we are this year aiming for 100 entrants in total. We have well over 100 members in ERN. Can we have more than 20 from ERN taking part in this race in 2015? Of course we can!! We will need help on the day from ERN members, and would also appreciate some help before then. Are any of you able to join our LP Run Committee… particularly any of you that are “social media savvy”… or at least more social media savvy than am I?! Social media is key to raising the profile of this event, and the LP Run Committee needs help to do just that. Any volunteers? Please let Ellie know if you can help (lprun@edinburghrunningnetwork.org.uk). But… most importantly… please put the date in your diaries now, and please do your bit to raise the profile of this event. If each of us could find just one family member or friend who will compete in this event, then we can raise significant sums for Alzheimer Scotland. Registration for this event is now available on the EntryCentral! If you have not already done so, please enter… right now… and ask your family and friends to enter also! Thank you

ERN AGM 2016

Big thanks to everyone who attended the AGM and shared their views about what’s important to them and what they would like to see on our calendar of events going forward. Intrigued … wished you’d been able to make it along and been part of the scrum at the ideas wall? You can find out how all the ideas can be taken forward in the members only newsletter towards the end of February. For those of you who love to share your experiences of races (and we love to hear them), don’t forget we have a prize for the best Race Report at our annual prize-giving dinner in the autumn. This prize is voted by the club members – don’t worry – the prize isn’t a biro! But do think about it when you’re writing your reports … how can you make your composition stand out so that you are the proud owner of what is a a coveted prize indeed. Email your reports to info@edinburghrunningnetwork.org.uk

ERN on facebook

ERN has two sites on facebook – a member only group which you can sign up to once you join the club and a page which is open to anyone. ‘Like’ our page to keep up to date with what we are up to.

ERN Run Routes

ERN Run Routes are now being collected together on one page and can be found at ERN Run Routes.