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Following the advice issued from the government yesterday on all non-essential contact we have decided to formally cancel our training runs. You’ll possibly be aware that other clubs are also following this line. We will cancel for the foreseeable future until government advice changes. We will also heed the advice given out by the NHS and Scottish Athletics.

Obviously I appreciate that this will be a disappointment, however, we are all aware that this is a much bigger issue. I also appreciate that running in itself keeps the immune system strong as well as ‘helping our heads’ in challenging times. If you want to self-organise in small groups that’s entirely up to you, however, you would be doing this outwith ERN (we are still happy to use the FB group to do this), but if you do, please keep your distance from each other and follow government/NHS advice. Please also be careful where you meet so that you don’t put yourselves or others at risk.

Lastly, we are in challenging times, so let’s ensure we use the FB group to keep social/chatting and if anyone needs help (for example if you need to self isolate) let others know. The ‘social/looking after each other’ aspect of ERN is what makes ERN so special so let’s ensure that we keep as healthy as possible and continue to look after each other.

Chris (Chair), on behalf of the Management Team.

Note: Whilst self isolating on a solo run, if you happen to meet other runners, keep your distance.

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