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John Muir Trust

John Muir - 1838-1914
John Muir – 1838-1914
The John Muir Trust takes its name and inspiration from John Muir, the pioneering, influential Scots-born American conservationist who was passionate about the wild.

Edinburgh Running Network have taken Group Membership of the John Muir Trust for 2016. What is the John Muir Trust you ask? The John Muir Trust is a conservation charity “founded in 1983 to safeguard the future of wild land against development at to promote awareness and recognition of the value of such places”. They believe wild places are essential for the wellbeing of people and wildlife and their mission is to conserve and protect wild places with their indigenous animals, plants and soils for the benefit of present and future generations. As so many ERN members enjoy running in wild places, away from urban areas, traffic and the relentless tarmac and concrete underfoot, we feel that the work of the John Muir Trust is vital to ensure that the places we love are preserved for future generations.

To enable the John Muir Trust achieve their mission they rely on volunteers to help on the various pieces of land they own and the ERN members attending this year’s AGM agreed that it would be good fun to spend a day at their property nearest Edinburgh – Glenlude.  There’s all sorts of work to be done from clearing felled trees to building fences to planting trees.

Chris March and Les McIntosh (ERN’s John Muir Trust Co-ordinator) had a recce visit to Glenlude recently where they were given a tour of the property by Karen Purvis, the Property Manager.  She would welcome any help we are prepared to offer and has suggested Saturday 30th July 2016 as a day when a group of ERN members could spend some time helping out by doing some of the many tasks required.  Car sharing could be organised if transport is a problem and all the necessary protective clothing will be provided.

If you want more information about Glenlude, you can find it on this page on the John Muir Trust website: www.johnmuirtrust.org/trust-land/glenlude

If you would be interested in coming along to help out on the day please add your name to the event on our facebook group (and check out the snowy photos!) or e-mail Les at jmt@edinburghrunningnetwork.org.uk