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Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2017 – 27/28 May

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

EMF 5k 2017 - 27 May

 Position (1092)CategoryTime
John Edmond183M35+00:27:42

EMF 10k 2017 - 27 May

 Position (2894)CategoryTime
John Edmond381M35+00:51:25
Richard Hodgson387M45+00:51:31
Rebekah Menzies472F00:52:56
Ciaron Forrest915M35+00:58:34
Vidette Reid2259F01:13:35

EMF Half Marathon 2017 - 28 May

 Position (9123)CategoryTime
Christopher Smeaton1045M35+01:42:13
Margaret Gralewicz1089F01:42:38
Louise Turner1417F01:45:40
John Edmond1815M35+01:48:05
Sorrel Cosens3187F40+01:58:00
Rachel Commens3272F 01:58:31
Laura Dickson5078F35+02:08:49
Marie Walker5338F 02:10:29
Matthew Gorrie5535M02:11:49
Isla Craig5694F45+02:12:58
Heike Ulfert6150F45+02:16:07
Andrew Simpson6626M45+02:19:56
Emma Goodyer6727F02:20:38
Dariusz Wedge7057M35+02:23:39
Gordon Turnbul7215M50+02:25:21
Gina Browse7225F40+02:25:26
Sheila Masson7417F40+ 02:27:20
Tracy Ann Aiton7428F45+02:27:28
Patricia Irving8451F35+02:42:34
Ann Rautenbach8840F50+02:55:04
Gillian D Grant8841F55+02:55:04

EMF Marathon 2017 - 28 May

 Position (6126)CategoryTime
Jim Skelt1433M55+03:53:52
Peter McKillop4154M35+ 04:49:07
Mia Alexiou4461F35+04:56:08
John Edmond6074M35+06:30:00

Huge congratulations to John Edmond for completing all four races, three of which while wearing a dog suit.

Sheila said:

Yesterday I ran my first half marathon and managed to come in at 2:27:20, under my goal of 2:30. I think it’s just beginning to sink in.

Thank you to everyone in the club who supported me over the past few months – from Juliana, Wendy & Ann on our long runs, Murdo & Eleanor and others who chummed me on Choosedays, and everyone who just gave me advice and encouragement. Also thanks to everyone who cheered at various points on the route – the awesome ERN cheer squad at 10/12 miles, plus Mike with his camera in Holyrood, Fiona on the Links, Eleanor at Kings Road, Krista at Joppa. It was so nice knowing where people were going to be so that I had something to look forward to.

Oh, and I may have just registered for the Glasgow Half in October, and for next year’s EMF Half. :-O

(And before you ask, Murdo Macleod, no I’m not signing up for a full. 😉 )

Isla said:

Half completed, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Andrew Simpson and Miguel MigWell, thank you for running with me, and the other ERN’s cheering on. Feeling pretty tired now but looking forward to doing it all again sometime.

Rachel said:

I completed my first half marathon, sub 2, so exhausted and so happy. Thanks to all at ERN for the training runs. I am off on the next part of my trip on Tuesday, thank you for welcoming me into the ERN club! I’m off to eat my body weight in food

Nanya said:

Most enjoyable run of my life. After getting married it was a second most amazing thing I did in my life. Still buzzing. Can’t wait to run again. I guess I should buy Edinburgh Running Network vest. Well done everyone.

Peter said:

Thanks to all the cheer squad – and to Andrew and Mia.

You are all amazing.

I made it round my first ever marathon. 4:49:07. Tough conditions today. Glad to finally be a marathon runner.

Maria said:

My first ever HM time! As a newbie I only managed a few runs with u guys before picking up an injury and worrying about being able to run in a group! Looking forward to getting my ankle back to full health and improving my running. I seen lots of ERN vests today, well done everyone

Mike Newton’s photos

Murdo Macleod’s photos

Gary Hall’s photos

Gillian Grant’s photos

Peter McKillop’s photos

Other photos courtesy of Andrew Simpson, Chris March, Emma Goodyer, Emma Lougheed, John Edmond, Megan McKeracher, Mia Alexiou, Miguel Mudarra, Dariusz Wedge, Patricia Irving, Rachel Moir, Ann Rautenbach

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