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Great Edinburgh Run 2017

Just some of the huge ERN turnout to the Great Edinburgh Run
1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Great Edinburgh Run 5 mile 2017 - 23 April

 Position (850)Gender PositionCategoryCategory PositionTime
Janet More16158F55-59100:44:20
Karen Farquhar-Taylor480275F34-394200:51:53
Claire Monk686436F45-495900:57:34

Great Edinburgh Run 10 mile 2017 - 23 April

 Position (2965)Gender PositionCategoryCategory PositionTime
Chris Smeaton317293M35-396201:14:49
Margaret Gralewicz31825F20-341301:14:55
Miguel Mudarra348322M20-34136 01:15:36
Vicky Crichton37531F35-395 01:16:17
Louise Turner39836F20-3416 01:16:56
Jim Skelt400364M55-5910 01:16:59
Julie Roxburgh62484F20-3438 01:20:46
Peter McKillop789655M35-39132 01:23:30
Emma Lougheed1001216F40-4441 01:26:22
Stephen Garland1009789M45-4910901:26:25
Michael Newton1103846M50-547601:27:27
Claire McDowall1276348F40-446001:29:48
Gary Hall1383985M55-594901:31:15
Sorrel Cosens1434422F40-4468 01:31:54
Jackie McDonald1609513F55-591601:34:14
Michael Russell16241102M60-642801:34:28
Keith McMillan16701126M50-5411701:35:09
Niamh O'Connor1700562F40-449101:35:33
Eleanor Mackenzie1747590F45-4910501:36:17
Matthew Gorrie18401189M20-3437601:37:34
Marie Walker2051786F20-3431101:40:51
Charlotte Schofield1921700F35-3911601:38:39
Keith Chinnery20961281M55-597301:41:38
Annette Davison2215902F45-49150 01:43:19
Tracy-Ann Aiton2319970F45-4916001:45:00
Juliana Forrest23641005F45-4916501:45:46
Colin Sheal23861366M60-644001:46:18
Wendy McFarlane24101038F40-4416601:46:40
Douglas McCormack24331378M60-644201:47:03
Sarah Ritchie25101114F20-3443301:49:17
Sheila Masson25691154F40-44189 01:50:45
Gillian D Grant26431205F55-594101:53:54
Ann Rautenbach29371424F50-5412102:18:48

Ann said:

Not as much training as I would have liked. I’d not done more than 10k since the Smokies Arbroath 10 miler in March, and knew that my aim not to have any Personal Worsts was likely to be broken again, but for all it’s an extremely hilly race I do quite like the Great Edinburgh 10 miler.

I checked the weather forecast before deciding on what to wear, and it looked similar to Saturday’s park run so I went with long sleeved top with race vest. This turned out to be a bad decision as it was a sunny day and although there was a breeze I didn’t get the advantage of it for a lot of the race as the streets were sheltered.

] Walked down to the Holyrood start and met up with the other ERNies doing the 10 mile race. The 5 mile trio had already started at this point. Time for a photo op and baggage drop and then into our coloured pens which for a change were off to the side rather than running down the road for miles and miles like every other race I’ve started from this point.

Main memories of the race include being overtaken a lot at the start, plodding up the uphills determined that no matter how slow I might be I’d ‘run’ the whole race, weaving from side to side of the roads to catch what shadow there was, wishing I wasn’t wearing a long sleeved vest – and a tight one at that, the blossoms on the trees through the meadows, the friendliness of the marshals (and there were lots of them, busy keeping us on track), the lovely support we got from spectators, whether they were random tourists enjoying watching the mad people run through town, or ERN club members and Party park runners shouting out encouragement and catching my attention long enough to get a smile when taking photos. 

There were mile markers along the course, but with the London marathon taking place at the same time I tried thinking how many miles there would be left if I was doing a marathon instead of 10 miles. (I also tried counting down to a half marathon, but that just reminded me of the EMF half I’ve signed up for and how I’ve got some more long distance runs to get under my belt to not feel bad during that). Partly because I knew I had no intention of running a marathon any time soon it was quite motivating and took my mind off the actual distance still to run.

I had my own water in my camelbak which I was very glad to have, as I was finding it hot, hot, hot (for all it was actually in the low teens if that). I did take some water from a family with a table providing cups of water which proved to be deliciously cool. The problem with a camelbak is that sitting on your back warms the water up enough to take the refreshing edge off it.

My least favourite bit was the long stretch up the Pleasance towards the Commonwealth swimming pool. I didn’t have many other runners in sight at this point and the road just seemed to go on and on in a gradual strength sapping incline. 

Then it was back into the park at last and the short out and back where you keep an eye out for people you know coming the other way having done the Duddingston section already, Saw a couple of people I knew and got a shout out from others I could hear but not see to identify as I went down the sharp drop to the innocent railway tunnel. This was actually the hardest bit for my knees which grumbled enough that I almost had to walk instead of run, but I managed it just.

It was daunting running past the ambulance crew part way along the innocent path as they had a golf buggy type thing for transporting any poorly runners. This must have been the vehicle I ended up using when I collapsed with heat stroke doing the EMF 10k the year it was extremely hot. Not something you want to be reminded of when you’re feeling hot and tired and airless (there isn’t much breeze in this tree lined section). Perked up when I got to the Duddingston turn around, although the last stretch of uphill to be tackled. I was just plodding along doing my best, trying not to feel disgruntled at being overtaken by pedestrians.

At long last the final downhill section was reached. Happy to see Murdo taking photos, once he’d caught my attention enough for me to remember to smile. Managed a slightly faster pace downhill, but nothing like I normally do. Fabulous to see my very own cheer squad just before the finish. Such a boost to lagging spirits. Over the finish line and goodie bag collected. Dug around desperate to find something to eat, as I’d forgotten to bring any gels and wanting something other than water. Ended up attempting to drink the very strange ‘drinkable’ porridge in a carton that took the place of a more typical energy bar. Good job we were headed to the cafe once I’d collected my bag. Didn’t feel like cake (must have been hot) but a coffee and a banana were just what I needed before walking back home.

I took 4 minutes longer than last year, so PW, but what with my lack of recent long distant runs and the wrong clothes I was just pleased to have made it round.

Elly said:

I haven’t raced in Edinburgh for a good number of years but when the club were offered 5 free places for the Simply Health Great Edinburgh Run 10 miler, I thought I would put my name in the hat.

I headed along the road and popped into Meadowbank to avoid the toilet queues and met up with lots of ERN’s around 9.45 for a quick photo and then headed to put my bag in the baggage area. It was a lot quieter than I expected and very well set up.

There were 852 finishers for the five miler, which set of at 9.30 and with our start slightly delayed we were set off around 10.20, with 2,968 finishers. We headed along Royal Park Terrace, were we received abuse / encouragement from a mad Spanish woman hanging out her top floor flat window. Thank you Innes (and Gordon). Heading up the High Street, Murdo was out taking photos. After the out and back along Waverley Bridge, I was wondering if I could get away with a wee walk up Market Street, when all I heard was well done Elly, keep going! Caught by some Westwood JogScotland runners. Onwards and up the Mound to George IV bridge for a bit of flat bit. One of the shops on George IV Bridge were handing out orange segments and jelly babies – much enjoyed. Up and along the Meadows, which seemed to go on for ever, although very pretty with the avenues of cherry blossom. Then down into the Grassmarket and suddenly up the Pleasance, this seemed to go in a blur, and before I knew it back into the park and heading down towards Duddingston. I saw Chris and Maggie but they were both too focused to notice. Chatted along the innocent railway and back up into Duddingston with various people, quick pit stop at the toilets before the last climb of the race. Headed up to the top of the hill, looked to see if anyone else was coming the other way but didn’t see anyone, then Trudi was cheering on at the top of the hill. Onwards and downwards with the wind in your face. Murdo was back down at the bottom of the hill catching us all as we headed for the finish line.
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All in all a good race and was impressed by how well organised it was and that it was indeed through the city centre. Not so impressed with the goody bag – no crisps or chewy bars to munch on afterwards.

Photos courtesy of Murdo Macleod, Miguel Mudarra, Gary Hall, Rodger Shearer.

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