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Maratona di Roma 2017 – 2 April


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Loic said:

Taking place in Italy, a country usually associated with a lack of organisation, and their website is total chaos (signing up for the race was a bit of a nightmare as they asked for a lot of medical exams, the short cut to it was to join the Scottish Athletic Federation as members of a national Athletic Federation do not need medical exams) ,the marathon’s organisation was absolutely brilliant. The sport exhibition where one goes to collect the running package (bib, tee-shirt, backpack and icing on the cake a free pass for 2 for free access to 10 museums in the city!) is located out of the center city but still accessible by tube, from there it was a 15 minutes walk guided by google-map. The sport exhibition itself was a one way system, making it easy to walk in and out of it or easy to stop to check out running gear and other marathons.

The load-up of carb before the race was not an issue, the issue was not doing an overdose of it!!

The race itself is all in the city,a loop leaving just off the Coliseum and finishing where we started and taking on all the sites Rome has to offer, including running via the Vatican. The start was fast and organised, the wheelchairs took off at about 8.35 and us runners in the last wave were gone about 20 minutes after them. Jupiter (the Roman God of the Sky) must have been in a bad mood because it greeted our first step toward the starting line with rain and he gave us some encouragement with thunder and lighting by the 2nd mile. The rain really did not stop, and when it did it came back with a vengeance, but none of it stopped a great atmosphere among the runners.

A race definitely worth doing, and a great excuse to go in holiday in the same time.

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