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FoxTrail WRS 2016/2017 Race 6 13k – 4 March


 Position (135)Gender PositionTime
Vicky Crichton41121:06:30.8
Julie Roxburgh56211:09:17.6
Mia Alexiou95501:18:23.5
Gary Hall99471:19:14.5
Niamh O'Connor105561:20:08.1

Gary said:

A grand morning out at Foxlake. Slippy and testing but surprisingly no real rain during run.

Vicky said:

When I joined ERN last winter folk were talking about how much they were enjoying the Foxtrail series and having realised how much fun trails can be, I decided to sign up this winter. I thought it might help keep me focused during the bad weather. Then I signed up for a February marathon. So Foxtrail became an escape from the marathon training – a way of reminding myself how much I enjoyed different types of running.

And it is an excellent series – six races with varied distances, terrain and conditions, and the friendly feel of a small local race but with impeccable organisation. There has been a happy band of ERNies at every race, the staff and marshalls were cheerful and encouraging and the series leaderboard seriously tapped into my competitive streak. I would really highly recommend the series (there’s a 5k series too for anyone looking for something a little shorter). My only tiny minus point is that at times I found it awkward running with Cani-cross runners.

We ran through mud, freezing puddles, sand (bleurgh) and ice and had a bonus facial exfoliation courtesy of the sea breeze. I loved the challenge of the night race (mostly trying not to get hypothermia!), struggled with my fear of running down hills in race 4 (jeez that’s a steep descent) and was sad to have to miss the Harvest Moon half the week before my marathon (less so when I saw the snowy conditions!).

Most importantly the series has made me realise how much running has changed me. I can’t quite believe how pleased I was to spend a Friday evening in a freezing cold field or to get up early on my birthday to head to Dunbar to run 16k. Running the final 13k two weeks after my first marathon felt like the perfect end to a winter of intense,challenging and incredibly rewarding running. I’ve loved it all and I’ll definitely be heading back next year to do it all over again.


Photos courtesy of Gary Hall and Bob Marshall

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