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Portobello Promathon 4 Mile Road Race 2017


 Position (333)CategoryTime
Sid Bratley34MV4000:23:07
Phil Humphries96MV5000:26:42
Andy Duncan110MV4000:27:30
Robin Jones116MSen00:27:44
Andrew Simpson130MV4000:28:22
Peter McKillop193MSen00:30:55
Fiona Mackenzie224FV5000:32:47
Gary Hall234MV5000:32:58
Laura Dickson242FSen00:34:16
Larry Foster259MV6000:34:55
Krista Black293FV4000:37:41
Elly Mackenzie294FV4000:37:44
Wendy McFarlane296FV4000:38:02
Gina Browse298FV4000:38:08
Emily Alston304FV4000:38:42
Sarah Ritchie313FSen00:40:22
Juliana Forrest316FV4000:40:39
Ann Rautenbach331FV5000:44:12

Elly said:

Thought I would jot a few words down since I was looking at the results, however for some it would appear that they get faster each year, however it would appear my fastest time was three years ago with very little sleep!  However saying that it has a great atmosphere, well organised and marshalled and there are some speedies at the pointy end, it is great to see them fly up and down the Prom.  I have also completed Portobello parkrun for the last two years so maybe I could blame that for my slowness.

Photos courtesy of Bob Marshall

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