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Women’s Running Mag Glasgow 10K 2016

Not for boys... sorry lads!
Not for boys… sorry lads!
 Position (364)Time
Emma Lougheed1600:49:46
Elly Mackenzie6200:55:04
Ellie Barnard12700:59:14
Wendy McFarlane17501:02:51
Sheila Masson20801:05:24
Claire Monk25601:09:39
This race is part of a series of women only 10k events held around the UK. The Glasgow event is hosted at Strathclyde Park and takes a route around the Loch with about a mile out and back from the start line, back past the start, then a full loop of the lake. Apart from the turn around at the switchback and a short distance into the finish line which were across grass it’s run entirely on a tarmac pedestrian path. That said, the path is still open to members of the public so there’s some dodging of dogs, geese and toddlers on scooters involved!
I didn’t run well but it was a good event and other than my shocking pace (or lack of) it was very enjoyable – seemingly taking inspiration from the Olympic athletes and their decorated, kit matching nails does not help you run like one!
It’s a relatively small event with about 360 runners in the 10k race and less than 100 in the 5k route option (we all set off together and they did 2.5km up the loch then back). It was well organised, plenty of parking available at the park, proper toilets with no significant queues, chip timed, decent goody bag including a water bottle and some snacks, a medal and technical t-shirt in ladies sizes and fit (yippeeee!). The focus of this event seemed to be very much about running being an all-inclusive sport and encouraging women to run but without some of the pink girlie “fluff” you get at other women only events! There weren’t many club runners, and definitely no elite finish times so it would make a really good entry level event or first 5/10km race, and run/walkers would feel very comfortable. Pacers were provided for 50, 55, 60 and 70 minutes and with a relatively flat course it has definite PB potential.
The ERN ladies had a great morning out with a reviving Toby Carvery roast lunch before heading home.


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