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Black Rock ‘5’ 2016

 Position (1094)Gender PositionCategoryCategory Position Chip Time
David Hope216203SEN9800:31:57
Andrew Simpson263238M408600:33:20
Ceana Mackenzie-Brodie42652SEN2100:35:25
Alan Salvage497430SEN19600:35:48
Peter Mckillop498431SEN19700:36:48
Rachel Moir56588F353200:37:59
Michael Newton666542M5010100:38:49
Mia Alexiou691131F355100:39:42
Gary Hall727578M5511500:40:51
Niamh O'connor807201F357800:41:38
Michael Joyce890639M5013000:44:34
Gina Browse959297F3511600:46:27
Jen Shepherd1003325F3512800:49:05
Wendy Mcfarlane1018333F3513200:49:34
Juliana Forrest1029339F457900:50:32
Ann Rautenbach1079380F509200:57:33

Wendy said:

I couldn’t believe it – entries for this year’s race opened on the Friday that I knew potentially would be difficult as I was to be in London running my first marathon. However, all went well and before long my place was secured.

I think getting the train to Kinghorn takes the strain out of trying to find a place to park when hundreds of runners descend on the little Fife town for one evening of the year. Numbers collected from the registration desk at the community centre (it is helpful to bring the email confirmation with you to speed up the process!) this year, the chip was attached to the number so one thing less to worry about this year!

We lined up at the start line which was a bit squashed due to the volume of numbers taking part. Once the gun went we made our way up the hill and then headed down the road toward the beach before long hitting the sand and water – this is not the time to wear your new or best trainers as you are going to get at least your feet wet!! A change of clothes and shoes is very sensible. Working our way toward the rock where the piper was playing and then back onto the sand and heading for the tarmac. The sand definitely gives you an interesting work out on your legs and feet! Once the tarmac had been reached, a gentle incline took you to the turning to get you to the finish – you think you finish under the train viaduct, however, this is after you have climbed another VERY steep incline. The cheering from the crowds definitely lift you to dig deep and reach the finishing line. Once this has been crossed you work your way down the pavement to collect your bottle of beer, water and banana. This can be very crowded and time consuming so it is best to be patient and leave plenty of time to get back to get changed before heading for the train.

Definitely a race with a difference and one worth doing!!

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