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Highland Fling 2016

Myv, Phil, Jo, Elly, Mark and John
 Position (673)Gender PositionCategoryTime
Phil Humphries8368M409:29:03
Myvanwy Fenton-May25337F10:59:11
Jo Vinall26942F11:09:15
Mark Robertson447360M12:36:35
John Edmond549418M13:20:48

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Jo said :


15.00 – Packed. Waiting.
16.00 – Panic! Unpack dropbags! Repack!
16.30 – Myv arrives, drive to Glasgow.
18.00 – Lost, looking for F&Bs for dinner…. “I’m sure its around here somewhere….” Not a good start…..
18.30 – Eating. Eating. Eating. (calzone pizza, could murder a beer…. just wait till tomorrow night…)
19.00 – Still eating. Dessert 1, Jo 0. Again, not ideal…..
20.00 – At Premier Inn, Milngavie. Register. Tagged. Trying to keep calm.
21.00 – In bed. Have to try and get some sleep. Still trying to keep calm. Failing. Not sleeping!


04.15 – Alarm goes! Time to eat again. Cereal, coffee, croissant, flapjacks, juice.
05.00 – Off we go!
05.15 – Arrive at Milngavie train station (the start). Put my holdall and drop bags in the right vans. Time to catch up with friends. Nervous excitement. Toilet break. Photos. Going to Smash it!!! Pick the 10-12 h start pen.

06.00 – Go!
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking (the uphills). Running. Repeat.

07.54 – Reach Drymen (CP). 12 miles. Feeling good. Lovely cheese sandwich waiting for me.
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking (the uphills). Running. Repeat.
Conic Hill. Up, up, up! Down… weeeee!!!!!!!!!
Balmaha CP. There’s Ellie! Refill the bag.
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking (the uphills). Running. Repeat.
Is that Myvanwy? Oh no? Have I gone to fast? Is she having a bad day? (secretly hoping for the latter – sorry Myv!)

10.49 – Rowardennan CP (27.7 miles). Half way! There’s mum, dad and Natalie – nice little boost. Still feeling strong. Bag of crisps to eat.
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking. Running. Repeat.
This is my favourite bit, along the banks of Loch Lomond. Also, the hardest bit. Hurting. Running.
Inversnaid CP. 34 miles. Feeling good. This time is going to be great! Just have to keep going.
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking. Running. Repeat.

14.25 – Beinglas CP (41 miles). Can of coke and another sandwich. Tired but can still run. Feet – check. Head – check. Stomach – check. GOING TO SMASH IT!
Running. Chatting. Eating. Walking. Running. Repeat.
I forgot about this bit. Up. Down. Up. Down. Mud. Cows. Up. Down……….
I. AM. GOING. TO. SMASH. IT. Hurting. Ignore it.
Where is the finish? Why is this last mile the longest? Haven’t eating in 10k. Hurting. Still running.

Hold on….. This looks familiar…….
17.09 – Red carpet at Tyndrum. 11 h 09 min 15 sec. Smashed it.

Hold on……
Hyperventilating. Dizzy. The next hour is a blur. Need to eat so much!

19.00 – The best shower of my life. Restored.
20.00 – in the car, mum and dad take me home.
22.00 – Home. *Pop* There is my celebratory bottle of fizz waiting for me in the fridge.
Half a glass later – bedtime!

What a day. Smashed it. Yawn…….. Will I do it again? YES!

photos courtesy of Monument photos and Jo Vinall

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