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Glentress Trail Races 2016

Sharon, Jo, Jen, Victoria and Mark


 Position (113)CategoryTime
Victoria Gibbs36FSen01:01:03

Half Marathon

 Position (185)CategoryTime
Jen Shepherd165FV4003:16:41


 Position (132)CategoryTime
Jo Vinall64FSen05:02:16
Mark Robertson120MSen06:31:14
Sharon Smith124FV5006:35:49


Jen said: An absolutely stunning day for running a Half Marathon!

I was really nervous because of some rather scant hill training, and it became apparent early on in the race that a run-walk-run strategy would have to be taken to get me round. Just when I thought I’d completed the ascent and could enjoy some downhill I turned another corner to be faced with another hill. However, knowing that this was never going to be about a PB, and more about enjoying a day in the countryside, it was just fab.

We were lucky in that the day was glorious, and it hadn’t been too wet in the run up to the race, so the ground was hard-packed rather than squelchy (for the most part). The sections in the woods were just beautiful, and it was such a pleasure to see the sun dappling the ground.

It was really friendly (maybe a hallmark of any race when you are near the back of the pack) and quite a lot of stopping for enjoying the view/taking a breather/photos/gels etc. Slightly galling that the winner and runner-up of the marathon event ran past me during my miles 10-11 (although it was a pleasure to watch them making such light work of the descents I was clunking down), but I remain super proud of my 3.15 minute half. An hour over my PB, but worth every minute. I would heartily recommend this race to anyone, and with options of 10k, half and full marathon to choose from, a good day out for all.

Victoria said: This is a hilly but beautiful trail run on relatively non-technical trails. I did the 10K.

Organisation at the start is good. Arrive early-ish so you don’t have to join the long queue to register. There is a block with loos and a changing area and 12 lockers in the ladies (you need a £1 coin) – seemed just enough but potential for this to be a problem if the race expands.

The start was cold: -5 degrees! This made the first mile which was mainly uphill seem more difficult as the muscles were very stiff and cold. I’ve done a bit of extra hill training in the 4 weeks before this race (a couple of runs on Blackford hill and one in the pentlands) and just managed to run up all the hills in the race – when many others walked up them. Not sure I’d be able to for the half marathon though!

About halfway through the seemingly relentless uphill levelled out and there was at least half a mile of flat or down hill, which was perfect for recovering for the second half.

I can’t stress how beautiful this race is and there are massive views over the countryside which make the up hills all worthwhile.
Cameraderie during the run was also superb.

A ‘must do’ race. Probably the prettiest trail race I’ve done.

Photos courtesy of Jen Shepherd and Victoria Gibbs

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