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East Lothian Cross Country 2016

The ERN Vet50 Team
The ERN Vet50 Team
 Position (72)CategoryTime
Colin Duffus48MV500:50:38
Ines Castellano56FV500:54:47
Sharon Smith58FV500:56:59
Victoria Gibbs59FSen0:57:16
Fiona Mackenzie61FV500:58:06
Elly Mackenzie67FV401:02:28

A number of ERNies turned up to support this new race organised by Active East Lothian, which turned out to be even better value than previously thought as we got an extra couple of km due to a marshalling inaccuracy.

Despite adequate race prep – the picture of the vet50 team doesn’t show the whole story. A bit of shuffling happened early on & later on Ines trounced us all. More magic pictures by Bob on his Picasa page.

A hard but good’n’muddy race. Thanks to the organisers.

Victoria said: Beautiful trail run on sandy and muddy trails.

This is a pretty low key run, seemingly run by mainly club runners but nevertheless with a wide range of ability taking part.

The all important loo block is near the start, if anyone like me worries about these things! There is no secure bag storage for this race. But there is a tent where you can store bags, however it’s open and not secure at all.

The beauty of this run really is just the mixture of terrains and views you get, really not what I was expecting! Initially the trails are undulating and sandy, almost like those weird areas on a golf course. Then it was more standard (and beautiful!) muddy woodland trails, then weirdly surreal woodland trails with sand underfoot and a coastal view to the right.

We were supposed to do 2 small laps of the woodland area before being diverted to the larger lap which is a muddy slippy trail round a field then along the coast. The kids marshalling unfortunately sent us on an extra woodland lap which annoyed me as I was already pushing my pace for a 4.8 miler not a 6.2 miler and it messed me up and felt too far! I think I’m a little bitter as they were not apologetic and one even laughed about it. Other runners didn’t mind at all. If my hip hadn’t started hurting badly at about 5 miles I probably wouldn’t have minded either.

The larger lap along the coast was pretty muddy and slippy – was fine in trail shoes but I could see runners in normal trainers having trouble. Would definitely recommend trail shoes for this one, but if you don’t have them don’t let it put you off.

Despite the additional distance, this was a beautiful run and one I’m definitely going to do next year (if I’m not on call!).

Once we all stopped running
Once we all stopped running

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