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Men’s 10K Edinburgh 2015

 Position (926)Gender PositionCategoryCategory PositionTime
Sid Bratley3131MV45100:36:52
Richard Buckland142142MSen00:42:03
Miguel Mudarra232232MSen00:44:29
Peter McKillop506503MSen00:50:49
Andrew Simpson511508MV408800:50:53
Colin Duffus529526MV504900:51:14
Colin Sheal536533MV60600:51:24
Mike Newton *548 (est)545 (est)MV5051 (est)00:51:52 (est)
Gordon Turnbull666659MV506700:54:34
* Mike's time and position is estimated as his chip did not register at the start, but he estimates that he crossed the start line 1:45 after the gun, based on the times of those who started with him.

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