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The 5th Annual ERN LP Run – 2014


Birthday Bash-tastic – The 5th Annual LP Run Race Report


Edinburgh Running Network is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, and 2014 also saw the 5th running of one of Scotland’s most unique running events, which caters equally well to fast club track runners and newer jogscotland runners. Now in it’s 5th year, the LP Run took place in Edinburgh on Sunday 24 August and is held on the bouncy synthetic track at Meadowbank Sports Centre. The run is based on the longest continuously run race in Houston, now in its 47th year.  It involves runners going as FAR as they can in a set time – in this case 33 ⅓ minutes – as the clock counts down to zero. For some runners, it was the first time they’d run on the track: ‘I loved having the chance to run on a proper track – a first for me!

The Event

After an aerobics warm up, the runners awaited the firing of the official starting gun as the warm up music faded. Everyone set off – hares and tortoises – to run as many laps (RPMs) of the track as possible during 33 minutes and 1/3 minutes. This year’s music theme was top tunes from when you were 10 and with a wide a range of participants, we had an eclectic and enjoyable soundtrack to the race.


Numbers were down slightly on previous years, but that in no way detracted from the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. And as in previous years, we welcomed runners from outwith Scotland, including a couple who had traveled up from the North East, and a speedy dude from Spain.


The Race Experience

ERN is committed to improving the event year on year and we always listen to runners’ feedback. Here are some of the comments made on this year’s event:

“Fun, enjoyable, inclusive!”

“For a first time competitor with was a brilliant event, it was so friendly” Michael Meighan

“I definitely got in the groove with the LP Run” Al Donald

”Real fun friendly morning. Loved the coaster as a prize – nice change from a medal” Gillian

“I had a great time, it’s a novel and fun event with a great atmosphere and something for runners of all abilities” Claire Monk

“Best fun in a ‘race’ I’ve ever had!” Clare Miles

“I like the all inclusiveness of the race. It doesn’t matter if you’re speedy or slow you just get lapped a lot if you’re at the back. The advantage of a timed race is you all finish at the same time so there’s plenty of cake for all and people haven’t packed up and gone by the time the last people come in”. Ann Rautenbach

“Great way to spend a Sunday morning if you like running…and cake!” Kris Lavery.

The Winners

It was a hotly contested international competition for first man with an all-out race breaking out between Ferran de Torres of CA Runners, Tarragona, Spain and Robert Watson of Musselburgh and District AC, Scotland.



The honours went to Lucja Leonard of Carnethy Hill Racing Club as first woman, who ran 7.44km and to Ferran De Torres, first man, who ran 9.63km, just pipping Robert Watson for the lead by 10 metres!


Lucja receiving her “Star Runner” prize apron.

There were also spot prizes for the runners who’s ages were closest to 33, 45 and 78 on 18 August 2013, and the winners were Kris Lavery, Clare Miles and Michael Meighan. The spot prize winners were presented with commemorative LPs, and the top finishers got unique “Star Runner” baking aprons adorned with the LP run logo.

Michael Meighan receiving “Keep Moving” by Madness as a spot prize.
Michael Meighan receiving “Keep Moving” by Madness as a spot prize.

Running Results (full results after rest of report)

Top Three Men

   Club Distance in km
Ferran De Torres CA Runners Tarragona 9.63
Robert Watson Musselburgh & District AC 9.62
David Hulse Unattached 8.62

Top Three Women

  Club Distance in km
Lucja Leonard Carnethy Hill Racing Club 7.44
Anna Anderson Unattached 7.28
Rachel Heathcote Hunters Bog Trotters 7.22

And after the run, it’s all about the cake!

DSC_2987ERN love their cake, there was a cake competition too. For the first time ever, we had a professional cake judge in the form of Nell Nelson who runs two cake and coffee shops in Edinburgh (Café Connect in Comely Bank and the Mint Café in Fountainbridge). There were all sorts of cakes including a spectacular Summer Sunshine cake complete with ice cream cones, a chocolate and beetroot cake, a vegan carrot cake, a chocolate raspberry traybake, and various lemon, passion fruit and ginger concoctions. The “Best Dressed” entries were a feast for the eyes, with a cake representing a 100m track. An independent judging panel had a difficult time deciding. After a comparison of blind tasting scores the winners were announced. Barry the Gun, who has been on the judging panel since the LP run began in 2010 said: “the standard keeps getting better every year, particularly on the presentation”. The judges views were then corroborated by all the runners who enjoyed a fine feast of cake after their exertions on the track, with very little left at the end of the event, a sure sign of success in the baking and eating departments!

Baking Awards

The winning Healthiest Cake, made with chick peas, raspberries and [??]. Gluten-free, dairy-free, ??? is being made and sold at the Mint Café, Fountainbridge, with all proceeds going to Capability Scotland.

Star Baker prize apron:

Claire modelling her prize!

There were [12] cakes entered into the cake competition, around one third traybakes and two thirds traditional round and square sponge cakes of various kinds

Best Traybake – Wendy Mcfarlane for ‘Healthy Tiffin’
Best Dressed Cake – Claire Monk for ‘ERN Gingerbread Men cake’
Healthiest Cake – Ellie Barnard for ‘Chocolate & Raspberry Torte’

Jo Vinall presenting Ellie Barnard with the Healthiest Cake award and apron, with Nell Nelson, professional cake judge alongside

The Music

The music element really fired people up. The runners said: ‘Loved the big ending with Motorhead’, ‘great choices and variety’ and ‘a great eclectic mix’.

The Charity Link

Edinburgh Running Network like to give back to the local community and this year we handed a cheque for £195 to Capability Scotland who, with fund-raising on the day, are now £338 better off. Some of our members’ children benefit from Capability Scotland’s excellent services, and we are grateful to them for the volunteers to came along to give out tea, coffee and elastic bands during the race.



Thank You

And a very big thank you to all the volunteers who helped plan, organize and put on the event and to Bob Marshall for taking the photographs.

From left to right: Ellie Barnard, Ruth Monfries, Melissa McConnell, Barry ‘the Gun’ Craighead, Heather Jones, Nell Nelson the Guest Cake Judge, Gillian White, Jo Vinall

And here’s a blog from Ellnor Jensrud of Norway about her LP run experience


And for those of you wanting to try the winning healthiest cake recipe, here it is:

Chocolate and raspberry torteLP

For the cake:

200g plain dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)

150g icing sugar

150g sunflower margarine (such as Pure)

400g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed

3 medium eggs, separated

To decorate:

3 tbsp seedless raspberry jam

75g plain dark chocolate

50g sunflower margarine

Punnet of raspberries

  1. Break chocolate into pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.
  2. Remove from heat, stir & leave to cool for 20 mins (or it will melt the mix).
  3. Preheat oven to 190’C (180’C fan). Grease a 23cm cake tin with a little margarine and line the base with baking parchment.
  4. Put the chickpeas in a food processor and blend to break up the chickpeas.
  5. Add the icing sugar and margarine and blend until smooth and creamy.
  6. Add the egg yolks and blend again.
  7. Pour the cooled melted chocolate in a steady stream with the mixer going.
  8. Whisk the egg whites to stiff but not dry and gently fold into the mix.
  9. Spoon into the cake tin, level and bake for 35 minutes until risen and firm.
  10. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes before removing from tin. The top tends to sink as it cools, leaving a nice hollow to fill with the topping. Spread the top with raspberry jam before completely cool.
  11. Melt the chocolate and margarine in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir thoroughly. Spread over the top of the cake to the edges of the cake. Leave to cool.
  12. When the chocolate topping is almost set, place the raspberries on top, hollow end down.

Sold in aid of:

Capability Cake recipe from Freeze by Justine Pattison; made by Ellie Barnard

Full Results

  Club Number of Laps Additional Distance (m) Total Distance
Ferran De Torres CA Runners Tarragona 22 173.3 9.63
Robert Watson Musselburgh & District AC 22 163.4 9.62
David Hulse   20 21.68 8.62
Sid Bratley Edinburgh Running Network 19 116.8 8.29
Phil Humphries Edinburgh Running Network 19 34.1 8.20
Craig Mackay Harmeny Pentland Runners 19 32.4 8.20
Graham Miller   19 18.5 8.19
Al Donald aldon coaching 18 273.2 8.01
Partha Lal   18 225.1 7.97
Dale Roy Edinburgh Athletic Club 18 201.5 7.94
David Hope Edinburgh Running Network 17 336.7 7.65
Steve Pattison Tyne Bridge Harriers 17 264.7 7.57
Rob Vinall   17 236.4 7.55
Gordon Faulkner Edinburgh Running Network 17 160.9 7.47
Lucja Leonard Carnethy Hill Racing Club 17 130.7 7.44
Anna Anderson   16 400.9 7.28
Rachel Heathcote Hunters Bog Trotters 16 340.3 7.22
Roddy Mitchell JogScotland 16 334.8 7.21
Graham McLaughlin   16 311.4 7.19
Kris Lavery   16 76 6.96
Mary Pattison Tyne Bridge Harriers 16 44.4 6.92
Andrew Rear   15 136.9 6.59
Gavin Fergie   15 122.6 6.57
Gavin Haw   16 165.4 6.57
Ben Bradbury   16 122 6.52
William Fisher Edinburgh Running Network 15 23.2 6.47
Larry Foster   15 334.1 6.33
Clare Miles Dunbar Running Club 14 292.9 6.31
Jamie Cherrie JogScotland 14 245.7 6.27
Gordon Turnbull Edinburgh Running Network 15 188.1 6.19
Keith Chinnery Edinburgh Running Network 15 183.6 6.18
Peter Hammond Edinburgh Running Network 14 57.5 6.08
Carole Chapple   15 65.3 6.07
Sarah Donald aldon coaching 14 0 6.02
Ruth Morgan   15 16.7 6.02
Ellinor Jensrud   14 319.2 5.92
Lesley Mcguire   14 277.3 5.88
Mhairi Simpson   14 277.3 5.88
Eleanor Mackenzie Edinburgh Running Network 14 264.6 5.86
Vivienne Miller   13 234.3 5.82
Lesley Marshall Edinburgh RC 14 189.8 5.79
Wendy McFarlane Edinburgh Running Network 14 144.7 5.74
Gina Browse Edinburgh Running Network 14 1.6 5.60
Rebecca Carter Edinburgh Running Network 13 332 5.53
Gillian D Grant Edinburgh Running Network 13 311.5 5.51
Alison Hanlon   13 209.1 5.41
Alan Donald   13 184.9 5.38
Claire Monk Edinburgh Running Network 13 177.2 5.38
Val Beattie Edinburgh Running Network 13 59 5.26
Murdo Macleod Edinburgh Running Network 12 223.3 5.02
Dawn Shepherd Edinburgh Running Network 12 204.3 5.00
Catriona Meighan Carnethy Hill Racing Club 11 264.6 4.66
Michael Meighan   11 264.6 4.66
Carol Fraser Jog Scotland (Westwoods)/ERN 11 223.3 4.62
Ann Rautenbach Edinburgh Running Network 9 244.1 3.84

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