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Edinburgh to North Berwick 20 Mile Road Race 2014

Place (212) Category Time
Colin Fennell 65 MV40 02:27:41
David Hope 125 MSen 02:42:34
Murdo Macleod 158 MV50 02:53:32
Chris Thomas 165 MV40 02:55:35
Eirwen Campbell 182 FSen 02:59:39

Race report from David Hope:

I entered the Edinburgh to North Berwick race last year but missed out due to injury so I was looking forward to giving it a shot this year as it’s another one I’ve always wanted to do. I arrived at Portobello with plenty time to spare, loaded my bag for the finish onto the bus then met Murdo, Colin and Lorne. We wandered up the prom to the start and were all ready to go. At the pre-start briefing there was a special mention for a guy who was doing the race for the 31st time. Impressive!

Barry the Gun got us under way and I set off along the prom with Murdo watching Colin and Lorne disappear into the distance. Despite what I thought was quite an easy pace we covered the first mile a good 30 seconds faster than I was planning so I knew I could still ease off slightly more and the second mile was a bit more like it. My only issue at that stage was I was getting a painful stitch in my side and despite trying lots of weird/different breathing techniques I couldn’t get rid of it.

After about 3 miles we reached the first water stop at the bridge across the Esk in Musselburgh where there was a bit of a log jam and some sort of issue with a partially sighted runner. It was about here that I unintentionally eased ahead of Murdo. I still felt like I was taking it quite easy so I thought he might catch up but I never saw him again until the finish. I had decided to break the run down into 5 mile sections and knew that Prestongrange Museum was my first mental checkpoint. I passed the 5 mile point in 40 minutes which was a bit faster than I intended but I was still feeling comfortable. As revealed by our research company, if a man has a need for an amplifier for any of the reasons, we recommend ordering Levitra first. Surely, you will not be disappointed with the result. Read more at https://blog.jobmedic.co.uk/levitra-vardenafil.

I tucked in behind a few other runners as we passed through Prestonpans, Cockenzie, Port Seton and before I knew it I was at Longniddry Bents and the 10 mile point. I was pleased to look at my watch and see that another 40 minutes had passed. The twisty section without pavement along past Gosford was quite nice as I took in the sea views and wondered how I’d be feeling at this point in 3 weeks’ time at the marathon.

I knew the 15 mile point was just before Gullane but it seemed to take a long time to pass through Aberlady and start the climb to Gullane. I passed Lorne on the climb and he seemed to be struggling with his hamstring and I think he was regretting taking off so fast with Colin at the start. Just before entering Gullane I reached 15 miles and noted that another 41 minutes has passed so my pace hadn’t dropped too much.

The section through Gullane to Dirleton is deceptively uphill and I was beginning to feel the strain. I was at the stage where I couldn’t really be bothered to chew on my jelly babies anymore! At the final water point on leaving Direlton it was nice to get handed a wet sponge which I promptly squeezed over my head and wiped my face with. I knew there were only a couple of miles to go now so I had to keep on pushing.

It was good to finally arrive in North Berwick but I knew there was still about a mile to go. Thankfully most of it was flat or downhill! At a few points during the race when I was feeling tired  I had been imagining myself smiling and waving at the finish so when I saw Bob Marshall and his camera in the finishing straight I had to oblige. I smiled and waved for what felt like about 10 seconds and the moment I stopped he took my picture! So I look just as worn out as always in the photo. Thanks Bob!

After crossing the line I checked my watch and I’d managed the final 5 miles in just over 41 minutes so my pace hadn’t dropped off much, even if it did feel a lot harder and slower at the end. It was a bit faster than I planned to run but hopefully I can run just as steady at the Edinburgh Marathon. I met up with Colin who had finished a long time ago and it wasn’t long before Murdo finished.

We waited a while for Lorne but I was getting quite cold standing about so Murdo and I went to the sports centre which was a good distance away and all uphill! There were changing facilities, showers and food available in the hall. I was a bit surprised to find some healthy fruit rather than any cakes on offer. That will never catch on! After the prize giving everybody boarded the bus back to Portobello. All in all a good day out, the weather was kind and it’s a perfect build up/confidence boost for the Edinburgh Marathon. Thanks to the organisers, marshals and medics.”

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