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Huddersfield 10K 2014

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Emily Alston 507 FV35 01:09:26

Emily said : On Sunday 23rd Feb I ran the Huddersfield 10K in West Yorkshire, organised by the Huddersfield Road Runners. Its a small friendly local running club race with about 500 runners, the race starts off from the Rugby Club that the HRR use as their base. The Rugby Club start was great as there was somewhere to leave your bags and somewhere inside to wait until the start, it was busy but there was a good showing of club vests from clubs from all over Yorkshire and Lancashire (as far as I could see my ERN vest was the only one from Scotland though!). The route is all on road, some of which was live, so restricted to running on the pavements. The main thing you need to know though, is that it is HILLY. My time of 1:09 (usual 10K time just under an hour) tells you just about everything you need to know. I’ve been running trails a lot recently so am really enjoying my hills right now, so it was a bit of a treat for me to be honest, sunny morning, no boring flat… either pounding up or tearing down hill after hill after hill….! Not to mention some lovely views from the top of the hills too. If that sounds like your idea of a good time then you would really enjoy this. If you were looking for a PB or a fast road race, probably not!

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