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Lochalsh Dirty 30 Challenge 2013


A gorgeous day on the West coast of Scotland

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Jo Vinall 15 FSen 06:07:00

Jo said : The Lochalsh Dirty 30 Challenge takes in 30 miles of the Loch Alsh wilderness, starting and finishing at the Glenelg hall. You can enter this as a walker or runner, and there is no cut off time other than you must make it to the campsite at Glen Shiel (17 miles) by tea time, making it do-able by most with some effort and modest map reading skills. I entered as a runner, of course. The route takes in spectacular views, minor B roads, paths, and the odd off-road section, and is (fairly) level. I surprised myself by being fast to the 17 mile checkpoint, despite the unbroken sunshine and rapidly increasing heat, so took a well earned break for some food, before dragging myself up THE HILL. I really struggled to get back down the other side, as it was even steeper than the way up, and very rough underfoot. However, picked myself back up at the bottom, and teamed up with a few others to get ourselves to the finish in very respectable time. My time (stopwatch, no chips!) was 6h 7min, which placed me at 15th in total, or 5th woman in (Yay!). Some interesting people, great banter, and delicious soup completed the day as I waited for my husband, who was one of the many walkers. I would sum this up as a great day out, adventure, and huge challenge all at once, and yes, next year I will probably be back for my 4th time round, despite promising myself that this was the last time!


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