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North Berwick Novice Triathlon 2013


Photographs courtesy of Bob Marshall

Place (132) Category Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Mary Macleod 125 FSen 00:06:37 00:01:57 00:34:18 00:00:48 00:25:44 01:09:24

Mary said : My first come and tri event! It was split into a 250m pool swim, 9k cycle and 4k run. I was surprised to be in the water quite early but the slower swimmers were in first, I guess so that there are people out on the roads for as little time as possible overall. After my ten lengths of the pool it was off out to the bike racks happy that it was a bright day and no rain (stayed off until after the event thankfully). The cycle was a loop out in the countryside. The roads were slightly more undulating than I expected from looking at a map and I’m worse at cycling hills than running them so that bit was tough! Once my bike was back in the rack I set off for the out and back run. I was looking forward to the downhill on the way back but as it happened it was uphill on the way back, it was just my legs were a bit dead for the first half! At the end I handed over my timing band and got the print out of my times, including the transitions, and it was great not to have to wait for my official time! There was nothing for taking part though which is a shame as I’d have liked something to mark my first one other than a banana and bottle of water. It was a very well organised event which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to give triathlons a go!

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