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Penicuik 10K 2013


Photographs courtesy of Bob Marshall

Place (235) Category Time
Peter McKillop 203 MSen 00:56:35
Keith Chinnery 218 MV50 01:00:41
Gillian White 231 FV40 01:08:45
Ann Rautenbach 232 FV50 01:10:21

Gillian said : I went to Penicuik this afternoon in search of my running mojo… it has somewhat deserted me recently and I thought crossing a finish line after a nice 10K might help.

The start was easy to find, it was easy to register and easy to find my other ERN race companions. I was aware that it might be somewhat hilly at the start and after a gentle meander out of Penicuik we hit the countryside roads. The hills were over comparatively quickly and we were soon running in lovely countryside with fantastic views for the rest of the race. Although it was a chillier May afternoon we lucked out with no rain, but the wind was rather unkind – we had a headwind or sidewinds, but never a helpful tailwind! The last few kilometres were down hill – yay! – then into Penicuik and into a wee park for the finish. Unfortunately I finished too late for a medal, they only had so many, so I got a commemorative mug instead (commemorating 30 years of the race) and some water. The cake spread back at the school was fantastic, I certainly wasn’t too late for several cakes!

I maybe wasn’t my finest race performance but it was lovely to get out and have a wee race day. I’d recommend it for the scenery, really friendly marshals on the way round and the fabulous spread at the end.

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