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Balmoral Tartan 10K 2013

Place (1855) Category Time
Jo Vinall 272 FSen 00:47:29 PB

Jo said : This was my second year doing the Balmoral 10k, and once again, it didn’t disappoint. The weather held up its end of the bargain (i.e. not raining) and the north east were out in force.

Started the day with a little warm up run, doing the MPH Primary School 1.5k race with my daughter, Natalie (6). She was very pleased with her time (9 1/2 mins) and has the makings of a future ERN superstar.

Next came the 5k, which I had some family running, and a celebrity-spot: Andrew Murray Marathon Man, flying round, in about 6th place when we saw him. (Later saw him again running home – to Edinburgh?!? – about 15 miles down the road as we drove past)

Finally, time came for the 10k, and after a minutes silence in memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, we got underway. This race doesn’t advertise itself as “the one with the hill” for nothing. After fighting through the crowds for the first 3.5k, we turned a corner, and started to tackle the monster. What followed was 1.5k of steep, grueling, painful, seeing-stars torture. Many stopped to walk at this point, but I made it to the piper at the top without taking a break! The second half was downhill, fast, and very scenic, touring the beautiful Balmoral estate woodland. Not that I was looking.

Finished past the castle, with a new 10k P.B (47 1/2 mins) beating last years time by 3 mins.

They say that because of the hill, you should take 5 mins off your Balmoral time to get your flat 10k time…….

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