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Rock ‘n’ Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon 2013

Place (4361) Category Time
Neil Page 56 MSen 01:28:10
Robin Jones 387 MSen 01:39:42
Kelly Thomas 400 FSen 01:42:16
Jo Vinall 592 FSen 01:45:20
Michael Russell 621 MSen 01:45:50
Rebecca Carter 880 FSen 01:49:32
Sharon Smith 1061 FSen 01:50:56
Jennifer Steward 1196 FSen 01:53:00
Jody Fleck 1094 MSen 01:56:39
Lucy Arnot 1799 FSen 01:57:06
Joanne Love 1782 FSen 01:58:17
Oonagh Carroll 2005 FSen 02:01:05
Heike Ulferts 2376 FSen 02:05:26
Stephen Garland 2901 MSen 02:10:18
Morven Menzies 2513 FSen 02:17:26
Robyn Henry 2526 FSen 02:17:35
Kirsten Hill 3233 FSen 02:18:44
Maureen Black 2916 FSen 02:20:11
Eileen Harte 3332 FSen 02:20:13
Mary Macleod 3917 FSen 02:32:08
Ann Rautenbach 4015 FSen 02:36:47

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Mary said : Horrendous weather and a tough route about sums this one up. Windy and rainy at the start. Was very glad not to be in the portaloos that blew over before the race as that would have been me away home. The course is quite flat until mile 5 and would say it’s hell after mile 6! Was beaten by a few too many hills and walked/ran from mile 7 until the end. Got a PB but next year I’m going to run the whole thing! I don’t think there were as many bands as supposed to be on the route but the weather possibly had something to do with that since the band in the park was cancelled! Was a shame as it seemed to be the later miles where you could have done with a wee boost. Favourite part was definitely the ERN gathering in the pub after though!

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