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The Deerstalker 5K (and the rest) 2013


Deerstalker 5k (and the rest)

Place (522) Category Time
Gillian Grant 503 Old Deer 02:38:58
Mary Macleod 503 Doe 02:38:58

Gillian said : Mary and I took part in the Deerstalker 5k at Traquair House at the week end. Her husband Cloudy and her friend Lynda completed the team. Was a bit worried as we drove down in the pouring snow and then the car got stuck in the mud while we were parking. Things had to get better !! And they did. Was a great experience. After registering, which includes signing a very comprehensive disclaimer, about 500 of us line up on the grass outside Traquair House. First obstacle was a wall of hay bales 30 seconds in to be clambered over. Then 5 mins road running took us to the first muddy patch. Which came up to our knees in parts. Half way through my shoe got sucked off and it took me long enough to find it buried deep in the gunge. Thanks to Mary for waiting for me. Then it was into the forest trails and up, up up on little narrow paths, some so steep I crawled them to up beyond the snow line. Was stunningly beautiful even if it made the planks we had to walk along a bit tricky. Back down was so slippy we crawled or slid most of the way then a last mile of flat running enlivened by wading through the river three times. Once up to waist height ! Was a bit chilly at that point. Back into Traquair House grounds where we had to slither under a commando type net on the ground and drag our selves up an 8 foot sloping wall then jump down the other side to reach the finishing line. Mars Bars, water a medal and a quality wicker T shirt rewarded us for our efforts. Our time was about 2.40 but its an event where time doesn’t matter. Camping and an evening disco are available for those who are hardier than me. Loved every minute of it and hope to return next year.

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