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Fraserburgh Half Marathon 2012

Place (242) Category Time
Mary Macleod 239 MSen 02:34:36 1

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Mary said : My first half marathon in my home town! I also took part in my first 10k here as well back in June. It was a cracking day for running, sunny but cold with no wind! 413 took part and it’s a friendly event though I’m probably biased! The route is fairly undulating but no massive hills I’m pleased to say. The first part is in the town but most of it is in the surrounding countryside. The roads aren’t closed but on a Sunday there’s not many cars anyway. After a couple of miles we turned into Philorth Woods, its mainly road but there was some trail paths. Once out of there we ran a loop, mainly on the country roads but a part of it is along the grass of the old railway the Buchan Line. I managed to run it all (just!) There was only one water station but you pass it twice (a few miles in the obviously a few from home). Being one of the slower runners I missed the spread at the end but if it was anything like after the 10k in June it would have been fab! There weren’t enough medals to go round (my friend gave me his since it was my first) which was a shame but they had quite a few entries on the day. Would recommend the race though a wee bit far to travel.

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