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Stockholm Half Marathon 2012

A very happy Wendy and Steve with medals!
A very happy Wendy and Steve with medals!
Place (12193) Category Time
Wendy Macfarlane 2968 FSen 02:10:16

Stockholm, Sweden is one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. This mediaeval city is built on 14 islands and, if you’ve only got a short time in which to see the sites, then you could see one or two during this event, as you start at the Royal Palace before heading off on a gently undulating course to take in Karlberg’s Castle, The Royal Opera House, City Hall and the Swedish Parliament to name but a few, then this event has a lot to offer the tourist runner!

Wendy said : Thought I’d send you a race report from the Stockholm half marathon in case anyone was interested.

A sunny Saturday afternoon was just what the Doctor ordered for the Stockholm half marathon. God knows what possessed us to enter, I swore I was never doing another half after Edinburgh 2 years ago, my nerves are just too bad but it was 4.30pm and we were there and ready to go. The route is lovely, showing off some great sights. It was a bit hillier than expected (just a few but I’d expected none) although every little lump was followed by a downhill which was great. I’ve realised I much prefer kms to miles too. They seem to pass quicker. Once I’d got to 11 I was on a countdown from 10. If that had been miles, 6 more to go seems a long way!

Steve and I started together but after about 3kms I waved him goodbye. In the end he only finished a couple of minutes ahead of me which I could easily have made up. He’d had an injured calf for weeks but was determined to do it. My build up hadn’t been much better – weeks of a bad tummy while training followed by a terrible run in the Great Scottish Run did nothing for my confidence. I just wanted to enjoy it and had tried to convince myself it was no different to a long training run but the nerves were still there on the day. In the end though it felt easy and I had no side effects (other than losing half a toe and another nail! Thank goodness it’s winter boots time!). I spent time high-fiving local kids, jostling for water and all the other goodies offered and doing a bit of sightseeing. 2 hours 10 mins doesn’t seem so bad after the poor build up.

Would definitely recommend it if anyone was looking for a trip away next year. Well organised and a lovely route. Stockholm is fab too.

Never again though………………. πŸ˜‰

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