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The 3rd Annual ERN LP Run – 2012


“Unusual and Terrific”

Hot on the heels of the national high from the Olympics, Anne Grove’s summary of the 3rd annual LP race was it was, “keeping the Olympic spirit going”.

Sunday 19 August saw the 3rd Annual ERN LP run in Edinburgh. The run is based on the longest continuously run race in Houston, Texas, now in its 45th year.

The Warm Up


Pre-race aerobics warm up got people ready to rock and roll their way round Meadowbank Stadium while the clock stands ready to count down the 33 minutes and 20 seconds

The Event

On the crack of the starting pistol everyone began running as many Revolutions Per Minute (laps) of the track as they could during 33 and a third minutes, all the while listening to top tunes from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The music soundtrack had been selected by runners as part of the entry form and most people will have heard a snippet or more of their favourite running track.

Barry the Gun gets the event underway
Barry the Gun gets the event underway

At a new bigger and better venue this year, the event began at 11am sharp at Meadowbank Stadium, site of many a Commonwealth Games athletics record having been set. Barry the Gun fired the starting pistol and the clock started its countdown from 33 minutes and 20 seconds towards zero. Runners on the outer track (outer lanes 5-8) ran as fast as they could to try to overtake those running on the inner track (lanes 1-4) and people were passing and being passed throughout the event. To help keep track of the number of revolutions, runners collected an elastic band each time they passed the starting point.


Runners spinning round the deck of Meadowbank Stadium


Runners collect another elastic band as the clock counts down…

As the gun sounded for the second time everyone stopped!
As the gun sounded for the second time everyone stopped!

Michael Joyce declared on his blog that “running in circles can be fun!”

From a post-event survey, 96% of entrants would recommend this race to a friend, and 96% found their experience of the race outstanding or very good. Gillian Grant said afterwards it was a “totally unique fun race, nothing else like it in Scotland far as I know” and Steven Krautlein agreed, saying “a great way for all levels of runners to come together and enjoy a Sunday morning run.” Lesley Marshall, first time competitor at the event said: “A thoroughly enjoyable, friendly and well run event. Will be back next year and bring some friends to run also.”

Ros and Ellie measuring the additional distance run at the end of the event
Ros and Ellie measuring the additional distance run at the end of the event

The Cakes

ERN love their cake, there was a cake competition too. The cakes were judged by Barry the Gun (our official starter), Val Beattie (cake competition organiser) and two members of our nominated charity, Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland whilst the race was being run. Prizes were awarded for the Tastiest Cake, the Best Dressed Cake and Best Traybake. Then, after the race was done and dusted came arguably the best bit – tea, coffee and cake! Lynsey C said “Fun, friendly, well organised race with good tunes and great cake at the end. Everything I needed to persuade me I now need to join this club!!” Mike Russell added “it was great fun…so different to the normal race…..both the music and the cakes made it an experience. Thanks to all those who helped organise it.”

There were all sorts of cakes including a coffee and walnut cake, cheese scones, Swedish nut cake, an array of chocolate brownies, chilli chocolate cookies, fruity layered cake, a rhubarb Victoria sponges, chocolate marble cake, cheesecake brownies, flapjacks, rocky road, to name but a few. The “Best Dressed” entries were a feast for the eyes, with a medal cake, a cake with the grooves of LP on it, and an immense layered cake with all a variety of fruit in between. The winning cake was a decorated running track with model iced runners on it.

The judging panel had a difficult time deciding but in the end came to a consensus as to the winning entries. Their views were then corroborated by all the runners who enjoyed a fine feast of cake after their exertions on the track.

And after the run, it’s all about the cake!
And after the run, it’s all about the cake!

The Results

Running Awards

Not only were there cakes to eat, there were also decorated homemade cookie medals for the winners to wear.


Gordon Purves sporting his edible winners’ LP race medal round his neck and with a Long Playing Record as a prize!


Brian Yates, the 78rpm winner (though he is only 68!) and Partha Lal, the 33rpm winner

Total number of entrants 64 (30 male, 34 female)

Baking Awards

Best Traybake – Jenny for ‘Extremely Chocolatey Brownies’

Best Dressed Cake – Gordon Purves

Tastiest Overall Cake – Ros Derham


Partha Lal, who was surprised and delighted to win a spot prize (closest in age on the day to 33) said “A brilliant combination of running and, the opposite of running – cake!”

19 cakes were entered into the cake competition.

The Music

The music element really fired people up. Dave Henderson said “Good fun event, funny how motivational it is to speed up once you hear the track you’ve chosen.” Someone else said of the whole event “Can’t fault this in any way. Suggested last year that music needed to be louder and this year it was great. Really helped me round last few laps”.

Here is the playlist from the 2012 LP run

The Distance Cake
Rock And Roll Led Zeppelin
Copperhead Road Steve Earle
Run Like The Wind Barbara Dickson
Tour De France Kraftwerk
Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf
Born To Run Bruce Springsteen
One Way Or Another Blondie
Running On Empty Jackson Browne
Don’t You Want Me Human League
Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell
Paradise By The Dashboard Light Meat Loaf
Sweet Child Of Mine Guns ‘N’ Roses
Mis-Shapes Pulp
Broken Heels Alexandra Burke
Final Countdown Europe
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd
Dog Days Are Over Florence And The Machine
Paint It Black Rolling Stones
You’re The First, The Last, My Everything Barry White
Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
I Love To Boogie T Rex
Mr Blue Sky ELO
Summer Sun Texas
Safety Dance Men Without Hats
What Have I Done To Deserve This Pet Shop Boys
Club Foot Kasabian
I See Red Split Enz
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen
I Heard It On The Grapevine Marvin Gaye
Crazy Horses The Osmonds
In Between Days The Cure
Together In Electric Dreams Giorgio Moroder and Philip Oakey

The Charity Link

Edinburgh Running Network like to give back to the local community and this year our nominated charity to benefit from the event was Cruse Bereavement Care South East Scotland. We were delighted to present them with a substantial cheque from proceeds collected on the day and from some surplus from the event. We wish them well with their ongoing activities to provide support to anyone experiencing bereavement to understand their grief and cope with their loss.

Heather Jones, making the donation to Cruse on behalf of ERN said “it’s been a real privilege to support the often unsung work of this charity which provides support to those dealing with bereavement”. Lynda Keay, from Cruse, said “we certainly could not survive without the generous support of people like you and the members of the Edinburgh Running Network. We are really grateful to everyone for this generous gift”.

Heather Jones presenting £300 cheque to Linda Keay from Cruse
Heather Jones presenting £300 cheque to Linda Keay from Cruse

With special thanks for the hard work and dedication of the race organising committee – Aicha Reid, Eleanor Barnard, Fiona Melvin, Gillian White, Heather Jones, Rachel Moir, Ros Derham and Valerie Beattie.

The Organising Committee, and Barry the Gun
The Organising Committee, and Barry the Gun

ERN also acknowledges with thanks, the professional input of Barry “the Gun” Craighead and Bob Marshall of Bob Marshall Photography, both of whom provided their services free of charge.

Event organised by Edinburgh Running Network
Event organised by Edinburgh Running Network
Barry the Gun
Barry the Gun

Bob Marshall’s complete set of photographs taken on the day are here.

The complete set of results for the 2012 event are below:

  Gender Lane Laps Additional Metres Total (km)
Gordon Purves Male O 19 361.5 8531.5*
Phil Humphries Male O 19 172.1 8342.1
Adam Jenkins Male O 18 426.5 8166.5
James Fairweather Male I 20 41.1 8041.1
Stuart Campbell Male O 18 263.9 8003.9
Ed Kenny Male O 18 235.7 7975.7
Beverley Newman Female O 18 26.9 7766.9*
Louise Cullen Female O 18 0.3 7740.3
David Hope Male O 17 414.5 7724.5
Clint Betteridge Male O 17 368.2 7678.2
Michael Russell Male O 17 265 7575.0
Andrew Simpson Male O 17 84.6 7394.6
Gordon Faulkner Male I 18 180.2 7380.2
Partha Lal Male O 17 62.5 7372.5
Brian Alexander Male O 17 28.9 7338.9
Buchanan Paterson Male O 17 7.5 7317.5
Tom Hay Male O 16 329.3 7209.3
Trudi Robertson Female O 16 297.3 7177.3
Dave Henderson Male O 16 270.9 7150.9
Janice Nisbet Female O 16 132.4 7012.4
Murdo Macleod Male I 17 105 6905.0
Steven Krautlein Male I 17 74.1 6874.1
Keith Syme Male I 17 41.1 6841.1
Mark Connolly Male I 17 35.6 6835.6
Catriona Meighan Female I 17 4.7 6804.7
Bob Hope Male O 15 304.5 6754.5
Brian Yates Male I 16 203.1 6603.1
Fiona Mackenzie Female O 15 110 6560.0
Keith Mcmillan Male I 16 33.7 6433.7
William Fisher Male I 15 324.8 6324.8
Jennifer Macdonald Female O 14 294.2 6314.2
Laurie Yeaman Female I 15 232.5 6232.5
Lynette Clutton Female O 14 190 6210.0
Natalie Ross Female I 15 86.5 6086.5
Deirdre Barclay Female O 14 43.8 6063.8
Michael Joyce Male I 15 40.1 6040.1
Edward Clutton Male I 14 363 5963.0
Lynsey Collins Female O 13 345 5935.0
Vikki Shaw Female O 13 345 5935.0
James Robertson Male I 14 333.3 5933.3
Clare Graham Female O 13 312.6 5902.6
Lesley Marshall Female O 13 224 5814.0
Eleanor Mackenzie Female O 13 216.5 5806.5
Keith Chinnery Male I 14 173.2 5773.2
David Caldwell Male I 14 133.1 5733.1
Gillian D Grant Female I 14 108 5708.0
Hilary Sharp Female I 14 50.4 5650.4
Alex Dickson Female I 14 47.9 5647.9
Anne Grove Female O 13 26.4 5616.4
Kirsten Hill Female O 13 9 5599.0
Krista Black Female I 13 321.58 5521.58
Leah Lockhart Female I 13 242.9 5442.9
Kiran Haksar Female I 13 228.3 5428.3
Ceana Mackenzie-Brodie Female I 13 98.8 5298.8
Morag Cumming Female I 13 30.7 5230.7
Lynsey Mackenzie Female I 13 30.2 5230.2
Kristen Anderson Female I 13 25.6 5225.6
Ainzlie Mcmaster Female I 13 21.6 5221.6
Mark Barclay Male I 13 19.6 5219.6
Karen Adamson Female I 12 356 5156.0
Mary Macleod Female I 12 310.9 5110.9
Ann Rautenbach Female I 12 296.1 5096.1
Mary Fairweather Female I 11 254.7 4654.7
Rhona Smyth Female I 9 95.8 3695.8

* – New Event Distance Records

And for anyone already planning their running calendar for 2013, please mark your diaries with Sunday 18 August 2013 for the 4th annual LP run. The race running t-shirt will be ERN blue, and the music theme will be summer sunshine songs. Entries are open now on www.entrycentral.com

Look forward to seeing you next year!


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