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Clyde Stride 40 Mile Ultramarathon and Relay 2012


Ultra Marathon

Place (104) Category Time
Phil Humphries 19 MSen 06:13:07

Ultra Marathon Relay

Place (22) Category Time
ERN a Tiramisu 15 Relay 06:29:45
ERN a Cheesecake 16 Relay 06:38:52
ERN a Gateaux 17 Relay 06:40:36

Gillian said : I did the second leg of the Clyde Stride, the leg that seems to have a bad rep! It’s known for being the hilliest, but don’t let that put you off, there are hills but nothing too onerous (well, one steep hill but we can cope with that!). The terrain was initially challenging due to how overgrown the trail was it was really narrow track through grass and plants right up to chest-height, although perhaps it was only as wild due to the recent weather. Then more fields and woods, with the Clyde always alongside. I ran for a long spell with a guy doing his first ultra, chatty company always helps and he had luckily recce’d the route and helped us stay on track – it is maybe the worst leg for getting lost, twice I thought Jennifer was ahead when she popped up beside me saying she’d got lost! All in all a lovely leg and not to be discounted because of it’s unfairly gained bad rep! All in all a good day too, I’d been a bit worried it was going to be a bit boring with lots of hanging about, but the time goes by quickly as you move between checkpoints and wait for your team-mates to come in. Well done to Elly for all the planning & logistics. A grand day out!

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