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Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2012


Edinburgh Marathon Festival – Marathon, Hairy Haggis Marathon Relay and Half Marathon

Marathon Results

Place (XXXX) Category Category Place Time
Joelle Lacouture 390 FV35 4 03:14:24 PB
Susan Wiltshire 871 FV45 5 03:29:12 PB
Russell Beswick 1288 MSen 03:36:45 PB
Denis Gaspoz 1723 MV40 03:45:12
Andrew Duncan 2391 MV40 03:56:43 1
Rebecca Carter FSen 04:18:28 1
David Dye M 04:19:38 1
Michael Joyce MV45 04:24:17
James Robertson MV50 04:37:04 1
Gillian Hyndman FV40 04:37:24 1
Stephen Maloney MV35 04:37:24 1
Stephen Garland MV40 04:40:34
Loic Beaumatin MSen 04:48:09 1
Giuliano Broccato MV35 04:53:22 PB
Patrick Terrapon MV 05:00:43 1
Nicole Gaspoz FV 05:04:35 1

Hairy Haggis Marathon Relay Results

Place (XXXX) Time
ERN-ie Says Your IT!
(Iain Davies, Emma Silvey, Andrew Simpson, Jody Fleck)
130 03:45:42

Half Marathon Results

Place (8032) Category Category Place Time
Brian Glasgow 413 MV40 01:35:16
David Hope 637 MSen 01:39:10 PB
Kelly Thomas 906 FSen 01:40:42 PB
Simon Evans 1590 MSen 01:48:40
Betsy Reid 1430 FSen 01:48:59
Michael Newton 2157 MV45 353 01:54:18
Trudi Sharp 2593 FV45 01:59:13
Heike Ulferts FV40 02:02:20
George Maxwell MV50 02:02:40
Anne Diack 2982 FV45 02:02:48
Laura Gilchrist FSen 02:08:36
Maureen Black FV50 02:13:09 1
Melissa McConnell FSen 02:13:34 1
Gillian White FV40 02:21:25

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Andrew Duncan – Marathon

Andrew said : This was my first marathon and an event I had been looking forward to since I entered last Christmas. The training runs had gone well and I arrived on the start line, injury free and looking forward to the race.

A few of us met up beforehand but we soon became lost in the mass crowds. The weather was hot but I was trying not to let this bother me and just concentrate on my race.

We set off promptly and the first few miles seemed to just glide by. The difficulty at this stage was trying to settle into a rhythm as you dodged in and out of the crowds. My objective at the start was to try to make sure I finished the race in one piece but also if possible to try to get under four hours.

The support through the first few miles was great and it was good to see the first band of ERNs out at Leith Links. By this stage I had settled into a steady plod and the miles were starting to ease by. I was not really concentrating on the distance just trying to take in the atmosphere of the day. After about ten miles we entered Musselburgh and got some extra encouragement from the guys who had completed the half earlier in the day.

Andy cruising at Mile 10
Andy cruising at Mile 10

As we left Musselburgh the main band of ERNs was stationed. At this point I was feeling strong and the extra encouragement from everybody really helped spur me along for the next few miles.

The miles continued to tick along but I could gradually feel my legs getting heavier. It was then we came to Gosford House, which beforehand I was really looking forward to but it was dusty, rough and smelt of s..t which did not help! It was at this point that my legs started to really protest, especially my quads and it took all my powers of concentration to keep moving forwards.

We came out onto the road and it was then a case of continuing for home. By this stage my quads did not want to know but I was able to keep making tracks. The support from the crowds was fantastic, I knew I was struggling but the shouts of support really helped.

At mile 25 I ran back through the main ERN support team, tried to look like I was running well (failed) but used the encouragement they gave me for the last mile. We then came round the final bend and tried to sprint for home. It was as if my legs were running through glue but they kept going and I used the shouts of the crowds to get me over the line.

After the finish, it was a case of trying to keep moving, else I would just have stopped and could well still be there now!

There are so many people I want to thank for helping me get to the start line and complete the race. There is Murdo for organising the long Sunday runs, Sooz for the hill and interval sessions, Krista for the sports massage, everybody who I ran with at ERN during the training sessions whose support and tips were invaluable and finally everybody who turned out on the day to shout and cheer- you don’t know how much this helped.

Finally, it was always my ambition to run a marathon and I did it! I also said I would only ever run one but you never know…..’

Rebecca Carter – Marathon

Rebecca said : Gillian, Stephen and I met up at the start with a plan to run together. All of us were nervous, excited and slightly concerned that the weather was going to be a little too warm for a comfortable run. The atmosphere at the start was great and the staggered start really seemed to work well. The route to begin with was a little strange with a few bottlenecks and dogleg turns that frustrated everyone particularly the weird detour into Holyrood Park, round a tiny roundabout then back out again. Once the road opened up then it was nice and I started to feel my stride. The support through town was great, particularly if you have your name on your shirt! The three of us ran a nice steady 9 min mile pace until Porto prom where my bladder got the best of me (about mile 6) and I wasted four whole minutes queuing for the portaloo.

After that I tried to cain it to make up some time but the heat was beginning to rise and this made making up time pretty tough. I pootled along and enjoyed the run for the most part until about mile 19. From then on I was having very stern words with myself in order to keep running rather than have a walk break. There were lots of people walking and they were all over the shop, I think there should be a lane system like a motorway! From mile 18 there were also a scary number of people needing medical attention – I counted at least 3 on drips by the side of the course. The course was in direct sun for most of the way and I soon became acutely aware of the areas I’d missed when applying the sun cream earlier that morning.

David and Bex at Mile 25
David and Bex at Mile 25

At mile 23 I ran into David and we ran the rest of the way. I pretty much hated it from miles 19-24 where I saw my mum and brother then from mile 24.1-25 where the ERN lot were there and then hated it again until I saw my husband and my wee boy. That was it for me and I started greeting and didn’t stop until I was over the finish line. Crossing the finishing line was AMAZING, I felt so proud to have completed it especially on such a scorching day.
I’m very grateful to ERN and its’ wonderful members for the support and encouragement in getting to the finish, the Sunday runs were a critical part of the whole thing and made thoroughly enjoyable by the company.
For anyone thinking of doing a marathon I’d thoroughly recommend it and given how flat the Edinburgh one is it might be a good one to start.

Gillian White – Half Marathon

Gillian at Meadowbank in the Half Marathon
Gillian at Meadowbank in the Half Marathon

Gillian said : What a difference a year makes – EMF seemed to have learnt the lessons of last year and this is back to being a good Half Marathon! We kicked off at 8am, so we had cloud cover for the first wee while before the sun finally broke through and began beating down. No problems at water stops, although I ran out of water just before Musselburgh so was so glad to come across a house with a make-shift water stop in their front garden, with plastic cups & jugs. I’m just not used to running in any heat yet and I’d’ve been in trouble without their kindness. The turn was slightly earlier, I think, but it felt like a longer run back towards Loretto playing fields. Nice straight finish, albeit running on those boards, lots of space to wind down after you’d crossed the line, the volunteers were putting the medals around our necks when I went through, which is a nice touch, then more space to catch your breath and stretch before re-joining the masses. I made use of the Loretto shower facilities which were refreshingly cool, wolfed down some veggie haggis then went on to cheer the marathoners. All in all, a fab day out!

Melissa McConnell – Half Marathon

Melissa after the Half Marathon
Melissa after the Half Marathon

Melissa said : Well I completed my first half marathon in 2:13:34

I didn’t push myself as figured it was my first half and wanted to enjoy it but then I was a teensy bit disappointed with my time. I should know that you can’t have it all!

I convinced myself there would be a haar until at least 10am so was a little bit surprised to feel so hot running along Porty prom at 9am. I am in awe of everyone who ran the full marathon in that heat! All in all a great experience and one I’m looking forward to repeating. To top it off I’ve raised over £600 for a great cause. 🙂

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