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Midlothian Sprint Triathlon 2012

Tony on his bike leg
Tony on his bike leg
Place (232) Category Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Total
Tony Wackett 70 MSen (35) 00:12:21 00:01:24 00:38:05 00:00:35 00:22:13 01:14:40
Tracy Lazenby-Paterson 142 FVet (5) 00:14:02 00:01:02 00:41:49 00:00:56 00:24:59 01:22:51

Edinburgh Racing hosted the Midlothian Sprint Triathlon, comprising a 750m pool swim, 20km cycle and 5km run, and a shorter Novice Triathlon, comprising a 400m swim, 10km cycle and a 3km run, in and around Dalkeith, Midlothian.

ERN’s triathlon section gained a new member when Tony Wackett joined Tri regular, Tracy Lazenby-Paterson, for his first triathlon. With both taking on the sprint distance in ‘four seasons in one day’ conditions, it still sounds like they enjoyed it! Well done to both!

Tracy said : I did the Midlothian triathlon to test out my limits after a very unfortunate diagnosis of a back fracture. It was great to run into some familiar faces one of which was Tony who was doing his first tri. The swim started pretty late, which meant hanging around for 4 hours before my swim heat started. This bit is always the least pleasant part of triathlon.

Tracy on her bike leg in the worst of the conditions
Tracy on her bike leg in the worst of the conditions

The weather started out sunny and warm, but by the time I exited the pool to T1, it had started raining, and during my first loop around the cycle course, I enjoyed a mix of rain, wind and hail. Thankfully this ended by the time I dismounted the bike, although my T2 was extended due to my frozen fingers being unable to undo my helmet strap. The run is a lovely 5k jaunt along cycle paths. The Midlothian tri also hosts a novice event at the same time, so any ERNs interested in trying out a tri should give this a go!

Tony said : As this was my first attempt at multisports I decided to prepare sensibly; Taper, carb load, prepare the bike, visualise transitions, go to my best friend’s birthday party the night before the race for 1 drink and end up rolling home at 2 in the morning……. Aaaaaaaaarrrgh.

Up at 7, hungover and very, very tired. Ate breakfast, packed gear, picked up at 7:30, registered at 8. And relax. My swimming heat didn’t start until after 11 so I thought I’d mingle with people I knew (including ERN’s own Tracy) and watch the first few heats in the glorious sunshine. Just as I was about to prepare for the swim the temperature dropped, the skies darkened and it started to hail and sleet. Super. And then I got changed. Into a trisuit. In the 80s it would have been called a leotard.

The Swim : I was placed 4th (of 5) in starting position in my lane (based upon predicted time to complete 750m) and we were to start 5 seconds a part. My tactic was simple. Sprint to the person in front and then draft for the rest of the race for an easy life. Except the person in front wasn’t going very fast and I didn’t have to sprint to catch them on the first length. I just had to push off from the side. The first 4 lengths were incredibly slow and I wasn’t sure what to do. Eventually boredom and adrenaline got the better of me and so I overtook at the lane end and moved into 3rd. 4 lengths later I was bored again and overtook the next person. At some point later I was leading the lane and suddenly remembered it wasn’t a swimming race and because I’d been busy overtaking I’d lost count of how many lengths I’d done. Hmmmm. I had to slow down for a few lengths, wait to get caught by the person behind me and follow them, hoping they knew how many lengths we’d done.
(12:21 / Swim position 24th)

Transition 1 : Straight out of the pool, grab glasses and run through the fire exit onto wet grass with hail stones and over the first timing point to T1 and my equipment. I felt fine until I stopped running. Then I had to make a choice. Jacket or no jacket. This was when the lightheadedness hit me. Went with the jacket even though the sun was out. Managed to get socks and running shoes on without falling over. Bonus.
(1:24 / T1 position 134th)

Bike : And I was away, on my road bike with BMX pedals. Some very strong cyclists on very, very expensive time trial bikes immediately pulled away in monstrous gears and almost immediately started struggling up the first hill. I managed to keep up with them until the first downhill and that was the last I saw of them. Due to the sleet and melted hail a field had deposited a thin sheen of mud across the road and my pristine road bike looked like an off roader. Ouch. The 2 laps went well enough, I didn’t see anyone in front of me and I only got overtaken once after the initial bunch leaving the swimming pool.
(38:05 / Bike position 101st)

Transition 2 : I’d never properly practised a Brick session so could only imagine what it was going to feel like. Jumped off the bike and ran it to the racking area. Had to check my number to remember where to rack it. Bet the Brownlees don’t have that problem. Or BMX pedals. My legs felt fine and I was already wearing running gear so off I went.
(0:35 / T2 position 9th)

Tony during his run
Tony during his run

Run : First thing I felt were my calves wobbling about. I could ignore that. Then I developed an acute ‘stitch’ in my lower right abdomen that forced me to walk and jog bent over. Every 20 yards or so I stood up and tried to jog upright but couldn’t. I started to feel very frustrated. And it was at this point I got passed by someone walking. Not good. Stumbled for the first mile and then managed to maintain a jog without too much pain and by the half way point could manage a run which got faster and faster until the last half mile was everything I had. Just managed to scrape under 1 hour 15. Not too bad for my first attempt.
(22:13 / Run position 84th)

Overall time 1:14:40 (70th overall, 35th in category)

Overall, I enjoyed the race enormously. The event was friendly and well organsied and in terms of overall personal effort significantly easier than a 10 mile run, say, in the Lasswade area. They could have made more effort with the weather though. Bring on Gullane.

P.S. Had a pre-planned physio appt on Tuesday and asked about the ‘stitch’ which I could still feel 2 days after the race. She told me it was probably a muscle strain. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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