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Black Rock ‘5’ 2012


A fun evening at a unique event.

Place (715) Category Cat Pos Time
Gordon Purves 71 MV50 4 00:29:21 PB
Robin Jones 244 MSen 107 00:34:04 1
Rachel Moir 251 FSen 24 00:34:11 1
Louise Cullen 287 FSen 27 00:34:52 1
Trudi Robertson 327 FV45 11 00:35:49 PB
Mike Newton 408 MV40 119 00:37:57 1
Bob Murray 421 MV50 46 00:38:08 PB
Jo Forbes 430 FSen 44 00:38:23 PB
William Fisher 460 MV50 51 00:39:00
Stephen Maloney 462 MSen 172 00:39:04 1
Murdo Macleod 463 MV50 52 00:39:04
Jim Robertson 486 MV50 56 00:39:37 PB
Clare Graham 585 FV45 30 00:42:54
Gillian Grant 617 FV45 35 00:44:26
Ann Rautenbach 684 FV45 50 00:49:33 1
Adrienne Murray 703 FV45 53 00:53:41

1 = First run in the event. PB = Personal best time for the event.

The Black Rock ‘5’, a traditional Friday evening event, now in its 25th year. Not quite 5 miles, undulating course, mixed terrain. Can’t be all that bad, right? If you’re a runner who likes to keep your feet dry and your racing flats pristine, then perhaps not. If you’re a runner who is allergic to sand and a bit of cold sea water, then it’s probably not for you either! But if you like the occasional unusual event to break up the monotony of your regular training runs and mass participation events, then this one might be for you. And, if you like the idea of a free beer when you finish, which you can wash down your post-race burger with, (you can even have the burger before you run if you like, eh Murdo?), then you are probably already checking the tide charts to work out when next year’s race will be held.

Another excellent turnout of ERN members for this always popular event. A breezy and chilly spring evening didn’t appear to have put off the runners, or the healthy number of spectators, and perhaps helped by the very low tide, some excellent times were achieved. The thought of the beer and barbecue at the finish probably helped a few people get round too! Well done everyone!

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