, and yes, they are all 26 miles, 385 yards, (42.195km), in length, in case you were wondering!" />
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London Marathon 2012


Virgin London Marathon 2012

Place (36742) Gender Place Category Category Place Half Split Time
Neil Page 581 563 MSen 375 01:23:05 02:51:25
Norma Bird 16887 4128 FV55 111 02:01:06 04:23:23
Heike Ulferts 16973 4157 FV40 792 02:06:53 04:23:40 1
Jo Forbes 18622 4707 FSen 2753 02:11:32 04:29:44 PB
Krista Black 27315 8205 FV40 1439 02:25:20 05:07:22

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

The London Marathon is the one race that almost everyone in the UK, even non-runners, have heard about. It’s the one that every other marathon is compared with, usually when someone asks, “Is that the same length as the London Marathon?”, and yes, they are all 26 miles, 385 yards, (42.195km), in length, in case you were wondering!

ERN has had runners in the event for the last couple of years, but with the majority of places being allocated from the ballot, chances of gaining entry are slim. That said, with five representatives, 2012 was our best year to date, and, as always, they did us proud. Well done!

Jo said : Ever since I started running, the London Marathon has always been a massive ambition of mine to run from watching it each year on the TV!! It took 3 entry attempts and I was lucky enough to receive an entry this year which was amazing seeing as its the 2012 Olympic years as well. It was also made even more special as my close mate Krista also gained a place, so we could train and help each other out through the aches and strains physically and mentally that marathon training places upon you.

After 4months of training we couldn’t believe the weekend of the marathon was upon us, we headed to London and met up to go to the Expo on the Saturday, (alongside Heike). The expo was amazingly well organised, (lots of selling of everything running related!), but a great way to get excited about the race ahead. The morning of the race Krista & I took a bus, (organised by the hotel), to the start. The weather was lovely blue skies and a fresh cool breeze, perfect running weather. The start of the race was also well organised with tea/coffee, music, plenty of loos, kit bag buses all well laid out, all meaning a very relaxed, excited atmosphere.

The time passed quickly and we were off, me & Krista ran the first mile together as we were both quite nervous, emotional and needing a relaxed warm up. I cant explain in words the atmosphere from the crowds throughout the race, it was so overwhelming and an amazing race to be part of. I could feel from early on that the sun was out in force which did make it quite a hot race, it is also a very busy race so I did find it difficult to get into a decent constant pace but thats the nature of the London Marathon. My Dad was at mile 8 which was a great boost and the Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge are an amazing experience which I will never forget. I found miles 15 to 20 quite difficult as I missed seeing a familiar face but there are plenty crowds to keep you going! At mile 20 I was feeling pretty good and had a lot left in my legs due to slower pace I had planned to run (due to the crowds running and folk walking and not moving to the side). The roads also widen giving more space to run so I tried to pick up the pace and get a strong finish, seeing my Dad at mile 23 and my friends at mile 25 was amazing as I was desperate to see them all! I crossed the finish line in 4hrs 29mins which I was pleased with as I had knocked nearly 7mins off my PB. The London Marathon lived up to all my expectations, I did find the crowds and experience quite overwhelming at times as its nothing like any other race I’ve completed but I would urge any runner to give it a go as it makes for an awesome experience! Thanks to all at ERN for their support during training etc. You guys rock!

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