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ERN Easter Quiz Run 2012


Ever wondered what ‘hairy feeling’ is at the corner of Gifford Park or maybe how many ‘alive’ people are on the plaque at Romero Place entrance? And also, did you know that every post box in Edinburgh (and probably everywhere else for that matter) has its very own personal number? Are these the sorts of things that keep you up at night? If so, you should have been out at the Easter Quiz Run. Actually, these sorts of things don’t need to keep you up at night – just need to be up for a great morning’s run and something a bit different.


There were 60 questions based on locations spread across South-central from Abbeyhill to Bruntsfield and places in-between. Each correctly answered question was worth either 1, 2 or three points dependant on distance from the start location at the Commonwealth pool.

Example questions (Numbers 3 and 23):

What happened at Fiddler’s Arms in September 1782?

Answer was on a plaque outside = “nothing”.

On the Covenanters memorial, (in Greyfriars Kirkyard), who was beheaded on 27 May?

Answer was “Marquis of Argyle”

Brilliantly put together by our very own ‘Route Master’ (Murdo McLeod); eight teams of two set off from the recently refurbished and now very swanky Commonwealth Pool to find the answers to these and many more questions. And, not just in search of answers – we were committed runners in search of points; as we all know, ‘points mean prizes’. Each clue, some closer to the Commie, some further away, came with a range of points from 1 – 3.

The teams were poised at the start, 10.11am (yes we were that precise about the time!), and, as envelopes rustled, Murdo announced that the ‘Quiz/Run’ could begin: strategies were formed and then we were all off in different directions. Murdo, Krista and Jo (adjudicating if there was trouble) adjourned for a cuppa. We were obviously all taking this very, very seriously!

And serious fun we had as we ran off with maps and clues in hand – off in the direction of Fountainbridge/Morningside or gathering the plethora of points closer to the Commie. At 11.11 we were ‘counted’ in and the tension really mounted as the teamed pairs pooled their answers and handed their answer sheets in to Krista and Jo who were totting up. Strong tea and coffee were needed as Murdo also joined in the totting up. The ‘judges’ looked at each other seriously, there were furrowing of brows, chins were rubbed and then there were nods and scribblings before papers were shuffled. Tension was gathering as the crowd of runners grew silent and shuffled in closer for the ‘results’ (it was hard work!).

The results were…

Points Penalties Total Position
Mike N & Chris 66 0 66 1
Gillian W & David F 56 0 56 2
Rachel & Adrienne 50 0 50 3
Val & Steve 47 0 47 4
Elly & David K 41 -1 40 5
Bex & Mike C 31 0 31 6
Gillian G & Mike 33 -4 29 7
Emma & Eileen 21 0 21 8

Eggs went to first and last places and a spot prize of chocolate chicks went to Gillian-W & David-F.

What a great way to spend a Saturday Easter morning! We truly are all kids at heart! Big thanks must go to Murdo for the time and effort put in organising the clues/maps etc and to Krista and Jo for ensuring prizes etc. I’m sure everyone agreed that it was a really fab event, lovely too to see Aicha and Balfour coming along towards the end to add ‘support’ and also to Phil … surprisingly after the 56 miler recently still smiling and still walking – how?!

Unusually we didn’t retire for cakes … this time off to the nearby pub for a well-earned pint! Well done everyone!!

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