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Kilomathon Scotland Spring 2012

Joelle, extreme left, near the start of the Kilomathon Scotland 13.1K - photo courtesy Andrew Jeske
Joelle, extreme left, near the start of the Kilomathon Scotland 13.1K – photo courtesy Andrew Jeske
Place (474) Category Time
Russell Beswick 37 M 00:57:48 1
David Hope 39 M 00:57:52 1
Joelle Lacouture 37 FV35 00:58:35 1
Dave Henderson 92 M 01:02:48 1
Ann Rautenbach 491 FV45 01:32:54 1

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

The Kilomathon Series returned to Scotland once again, with a new route, no Forth Road Bridge this year, and the full Kilomathon distance of 26.2 km dropped from the programme. They will be staging it twice this year though, it’s back again in September.

David said : “A new distance for me at the 13.1k Kilomathon. It was a bright but chilly early morning start at Ocean Terminal. I was feeling the cold waiting at the start line in my thermal top so I was very surprised to see Russell turn up in a vest!”

“We started off running past Britannia, across Lindsay Road and then onto the cycle path which would take us all the way to Roseburn, including a lap of Victoria park. The route was a gentle, constant incline all the way along the cycle path but there were no real hills to speak of. Once we left the cycle path it was nice little downhill section along Roseburn Street and into Roseburn park where we could hear the tannoy system inside Murrayfield stadium. We weren’t finished yet though! After running around Roseburn park we followed the perimeter of the stadium and then looped back round the way we had just come from. Finally, it was into the stadium for a sprint to the finish along the track.”

“There was also a 6.55k race which started at the halfway point 30 minutes after the start of the 13.1k race. It was a little bit disheartening to have some of the people doing the 6.55k race sprinting past me looking fresh as a daisy when I was at about 7.5k into the race. I think it would have made more sense for the shorter race to start to start at the same time as the longer one rather than starting right in the middle but maybe that’s just me.”

“Overall I thought it was a good event, well organised, a pleasant route and it was quite nice finishing inside Murrayfield stadium (although it would have been better with a bigger, cheering crowd!). I’ll definitely be looking to run it again when it returns in September.”

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