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The Deerstalker 5k (and the rest) / The Mighty Deerstalker 10k (and then some) 2012

Fi's flying finish!
Fi’s flying finish!
Place (474) Category Time
Fiona Mackenzie 105 Doe 01:21:42
Wendy Macfarlane 253 Doe 01:41:41
Mary Macleod 452 Doe 02:11:49

Deerstalker 5k (and the rest)

Place (1622) Category Time
Dave Henderson 389 Stag 02:08:16
Louise Cullen 793 Doe 02:34:47
Clint Betterridge 1553 Stag 03:56:25

The Mighty Deerstalker 10k (and then some)

Fiona said : “First ever Deerstalker, [5k & a bit], event for me, and absolutely terrified as my legs had been quite rubbish for a wee while & I wondered if I should survive or even start in the first place. I had however bought the kilted tweedy skirty thing so felt it ought to get an airing. Phil lent me his sock gaiters because they aren’t needed on the dee33 & losing your shoes is a hazard at this sort of thing.

So – there I was before the start absolutely terrified but still standing about 5 rows from the front. Might as well do it I thought.

What fun it was – muddy fall within the first mile but shoes stayed on [phew] & then there was lots of lung busting calf burning up-ness, followed by a balance beam [on wobbly legs], cargo net to climb under & then gravity defying down stuff complete with a disco in the forest, [lovely], & a view of the really quite large village of Innerleithen.

Eventually we got back down to Traquair House level & I felt we had been dry for rather too long & might be about to get wet. Correct. But not immediately – we crossed a big river [?Tweed] on a bridge, & then we got to ford a small stream run a bit, ford a rather bigger stream & then run through a tunnel of waist high water. My thoughts on that were thank goodness I’ve got dry knickers in the tent [yes-tent]. I felt we ought to be running out of race by now, but not quite – still had one more net to negotiate – couldn’t lift it! Someone lifted it for me but I think there are better ways to get through it than my method, then only 2 x 7 feet walls between me & the finish!

Luckily there was a slight amount of teamwork going on so people were being boosted up. Once you were up you had to get down – I did one commando roll & the other was just a plain old jump – & then round the corner was the finish. As you can see from the photo I was really happy to finish – 38th doe in 1hour 21mins &42 secs.

However I take my hat off to those who did the dark one as the winning female completed her race in less time than I took to meander round in the daylight & had to get up the walls with little or no help & she’s only just over 5′.”

Clint said : “Competing in team ‘Here for Beer’ on St. Patrick’s day was always going to be a challenge – nevermind a 10k odd hill run in the dark!

After setting up camp and enjoying the day runner’s come in, it was our turn to get a little muddy. Some great costumes at the start line, and there our team goal was set at beating the giant hot dog.

Pre-race loitering
Pre-race loitering
Determination and the wall!
Determination and the wall!

Only 1km in we crossed the muddy ditch where amusingly I witnessed about 3 people digging for their shoes. The team got broken up a little bit to the top of the first hill but managed to reconvene after getting past the balance beams and under the first set of nets.

The elevation was great and all of the head torches made for quite a majestic site, cutting through the woods like a rush-hour motorway.

Once down the hill, it was a wee run through the river which took on its own shock value, but really just wanted to make you run faster to get out of it!

The town support was a good laugh and all seemed to be enjoying the fact they weren’t running.

Crossing the line
Crossing the line
Rock face on hill that we climbed at night
Rock face on hill that we climbed at night

There were a few stop/start parts, especially when scaling the rock face of the hill, but it didn’t seem to bother us too much as it was a fairly strenuous climb in the dark while also watching exactly where the next rock was.

A definite highlight was the tunnel where us ‘vertically challenged’ ones got soaked in all the wrong places, while the taller ones apparently didn’t and took great joy in telling us!

End of the event saw another net, a few dry tunnels to snake through, and 2 x 2m high walls to scramble over. Good fun and a cracking post-event party to finish up with! Never did see that hot dog again though…”

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