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Paxton House Cross Country Race 2012

The Start
The Start
Place (160) Category Pos Gender Pos Time
Fiona Mackenzie 138 5 (F45-49) 29 32:54

Well done to Fi Mackenzie who has continued her good form from last year. Fi travelled down to Paxton (just outside Berwick-upon-Tweed) for her fourth event in the Borders Cross Country series. A lovely, fun race, bit muddy! Fi finished an excellent 5th in category.

Video from the event. Fi appears at 7:00 and 15:20.

Fi said : “Run Duns, part of the Borders Cross Country Series, held at Paxton House – almost in England.”

“Rather a long drive down to the borders of the Borders for my 4th race in the series – without the calming benefit of another runner in the car, but worth it when we got there.”

“Lovely setting and we arrived and managed to get off the race course for the kids with moments to spare. Then find the loo-check out the route map [why? never means much to me- I’m afraid] – bump into all the faces you’ve seen before and swap new year wishes, then off to the start area, meet other people, try & hear the pre-race brief-then a parp of the horn & off we go!”

“There was much mud – some smellier than other bits, the electric fence was lying down [ & off? ] so no hurdling required, then we had to run along the river [Tweed?] up a wee hilly bit at some point, possibly the bit where my heart-rate hit 117% and then got to go round again on a different loop, shorter but with another hill where i realised my schoolgirl error – shoelace undoing itself – aaaagh! The shoes are new – so I wasn’t going to lose one-so I stopped & re-tied.”

Start of lap 2 - I think!
Start of lap 2 – I think!

“I was almost at the end by then, when I came back to the finish field, one of my work colleagues came to ‘run me in’ – almost killed me but all over in 32min 54s and 5th in my age group.

“Then hot soup and some good chat with friends.”

“Try it sometime – great fun and I’ve qualified for my horse brass! – not bad for £12.””


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