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ERN Christmas Ceilidh 2011

Jo and Jo
Jo and Jo

What a braw evening we all had!. Many thanks to Jo Forbes and Jo Parry for organising a fantastic Christmas Doo; more than 80 ERNs, family and friends turned up for our first Christmas ceilidh (but certainly not our last). Great location, buffet, band (The Canongate Cadjers) and company made for a superb event. The dancing was vigorously contested and robust; the drink helped. A couple of hours of this is superb cross-training, you should try it!

As the club has grown significantly over the last 12 months, our usual restaurant Christmas dinner was no longer suitable. Even if we did find anywhere to take the potential numbers, the setting doesn’t normally best allow people to meet up and mingle. To that end, Jo & Jo looked for a suitable venue and, following a suggestion by Andrew Simpson, booked the Heriot’s Rugby Club in Bangholm Terrace for the evening. This allowed guests to take partners and friends which was a big bonus. A number of suggestions for bands (all good) were made by members with Aicha’s, (the Cadgers), getting the final vote and they turned out to be just perfect for what we required.

Doors opened a 7.00pm and everyone was there for 8.00pm. There was a lovely hot & cold buffet thereafter which allowed everyone to settle in, have a drink and mingle. Our Chair, Jo Forbes, then did the honours for the ERN 2011 prize giving in the following categories. As this was our first prize giving, the categories and winners were selected by the Committee but it is our intention to open up suggestions for categories and nominees to all club members for 2012.

ERN who contributes a lot to the club:
Elly Mackenzie: Commitment to Monday evening runs
Murdo Macleod: Web and email updates, route planning.

Most improved ERN:
Andrew Duncan: Becoming faster & faster!
Gillian White: Completed her 1st marathon (Dublin).

ERN with biggest achievement:
Laura Slater & Emily Alston: Fundraising efforts for Meningitis Research (and braw costumes!) award.
Phil Humphries: Ultra marathon events participation in 2011.

The dancing started just before 9.00 and went on till just before midnight with everyone away and the bar shut shortly thereafter. All in all, a great success; feedback has been very favourable and, with AGM approval, it’s proposed to host a similar event next year. Hope you can all make it.

Thanks to Jo & Jo and all their helpers, the staff at Heriot’s Rugby Club, the Canongate Cadgers and for everyone that attended for making it such a braw night – happy days!


Link to video of the dancing at : ERN Ceilidh on YouTube.


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