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Dalmeny 5 2011

Maureen leads Jim and Clare into the Dalmeny Estate. (Photo courtesy of Alastair Scott)
Maureen leads Jim and Clare into the Dalmeny Estate. (Photo courtesy of Alastair Scott)

This was the first running of this event, organised by the Dalmeny Estate Running Group (D.E.R.G.), and the feedback has been entirely positive. An unofficial near 5 mile mixed-surface race starting in South Queensferry and immediately tackling Hawes Brae before turning into the Estate proper for a descent to the shore and a run back to South Queensferry to finish beneath the Forth Bridge.

The race cost nothing to enter but a minimum donation of £3 to The Stroke Association was suggested (and it looks like almost £130 was raised for this good cause). Numbers, marshalls, timings and cakes were provided – can’t get better value than that!

Place Time
Trudi Robertson 9 34:56
Zoe Grayson 10 35:54
Mike Newton 14 37:51
William Fisher 16 39:30
Clare Graham 18 41:46
Jim Robertson 19 42:18
Maureen Black 20 42:42
Kiran Haskar 23 52:18

Eight ERNs took part on the day and Michael Joyce also helped out as last runner/marshal. Many thanks to Alastair Scott and D.E.R.G. for a smashing event.

Zoe said: “Hi, this was a great race, very small but well organised. It was a lovely autumn day and the route took us through the Dalmeny estate. The toughest part was undoubtedly the very start which was a pretty steep hill climb! After that there were a few undulations but nothing too bad. It’s funny how whatever the distance of a race, when you’re pushing yourself they all feel long… I’d been expecting a 5m to be a breeze but it certainly wasn’t when you’re trying to do sub 8 min miles and to keep up with Trudi! 😉 She powered ahead of me on the hill and then acted as a good pace maker – some relief came at the end when the finish appeared sooner than expected! Trudi and I were 2nd and 3rd ladies respectively; don’t think I’ve ever managed that in a race! In the photo of my finishing the only other figure in the frame is a small boy on a trike, so I’m at least grateful that I beat him.

We had to dash off afterwards for a posh Sunday lunch at the Balmoral (thought of that also kept me going round the course…) but I hear here were good cakes afterwards. Alistair did a great job of organising and we raised a good amount for the chosen charity also. I might even be convinced to start attending some of his Friday night Dalmeny night runs now…

See you soon,


Photos: (A selection of photos showing ERNs, all taken from a full race/event set (courtesy of race organiser Alastair Scott) which can be accessed here.)

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