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Dublin Marathon 2011

Elly, Phil, Gillian and Andrew before the race. Andrew got the superb T-shirt made for Phil!
Elly, Phil, Gillian and Andrew before the race. Andrew got the superb T-shirt made for Phil!

Congratulations to Elly Mackenzie, Phil Humphries, Gillian White and Andrew Simpson (along with their supporters (Wendy, Elaine, Steve and Jamie) who travelled to Ireland to take part in the 31st Dublin marathon. The weather stayed dry for most of the race but there was torrential rain for the last few miles. However, it didn’t dampen the spirits and all had a great time on what is a well organised, friendly and supported event.

PBs all round – All that hard work and training paid off in the end! The race is known as the “friendly marathon” and if their experience is anything to go by, the Dublin marathon should be on your to-do list. Highly recommended.

Place (11,657) Cat Pos 5 Mile Split Half Split 20 Mile Split Time
Phil Humphries 372 39 00:34:31 01:30:16 02:25:37 03:04:55
Andrew Simpson 6770 1038 00:41:34 01:52:09 03:13:30 04:21:11
Gillian White 9007 61 00:54:24 02:20:44 03:36:34 04:47:28
Elly Mackenzie 9480 386 00:54:15 02:20:44 03:37:50 04:55:38

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Elly said: “A number of months ago, I decided it would be a good idea to run a marathon. So with Phil’s promise to support me all the way with my training runs and do all the housework and cooking (in my dreams!), I felt it was time to sign up for a marathon. Next question – which one! I decided I wanted to do one close to home but not too close and that wasn’t too hilly, so Dublin Marathon was entered, flights and hotel booked. Then after mentioning to some ERN members of my plan to do Dublin, Gillian and Andrew also thought it seemed a good idea (at the time) and booked places also.

So come the beginning of July the training started. A big thank you to all that joined us on our training runs, although on our 20m runs Gillian, Murdo and I didn’t see much of Phil or Andrew after the start!

D Day then arrived. I was in the mindset that I was there to support Phil and was not taking part myself – not sure if I was trying to block the whole event from my mind, however I turned up with my running gear on ready to run. We all met up before the start and then headed to our respective starting pens – the morning started off dry and bright.

Gillian and I happily started together, seeing Wendy and Steve at miles 2 and 10 and then Jamie at mile 18. By that time I realised that I needed to slow down so around mile 19 I sent Gillian on her way (although much appreciated her company). I slowed down and had a few walking breaks, then the torrential rain started, so I needed to keep moving to keep warm. Coming near to the finish line I saw Wendy and Steve again with their Halloween balloon and then round the corner Phil was waiting for me, telling me I only had a little way to go. After completing the marathon himself earlier, he was still managing to run faster than me on the other side of the barrier! He was right, only a little way to go and I could see the finish line.

Overall it was a well organised race, the course had a few undulations but nothing too strenuous. The only problem we had was that they had given two different start times of 9.50 and 10.00 for the first waves, although we were all at the start bright and early. Plenty of water, gels and toilet stops on the route and not too congested at the start or the finish area. Plenty of support along the route also, even when the rain started.

A big thank you to Wendy, Steve, Jamie and Elaine for their support, Murdo for the company on the long runs and producing the routes and Phil for picking me up at the end, feeding me and making sure I got warm and dry (in a pub!)”

Gillian said: “Dublin’s a great race to pick as your first marathon! The race is very well organised, apart from a bit of confusion about whether we were starting at 10 or 10:20, it all went well. The start was smooth, we didn’t have to queue too long at all for the loos and the bag drop was the most efficient I’ve seen (yet so simple). The route is fairly flat, it took us out of the city centre, through Phoenix Park, through suburban areas and then back to the city centre, what hills there are, are manageable, even with mileage under your belt. It’s well supported too, even in the worst of our weather, there was still enthusiastic support with sweets & banners (best one said ‘you’re all Kenyans to me’) and shouting out your name (such a good idea to get your name on your top). The water stations were frequent, every 2/3 miles, the bottles had sports caps, there were isotonic drinks and gels stops (although I don’t recall noticing them though) and plenty of Haribo on offer from the supporters. The finish was good too, there was quite a bit of space, three blocks, for us to get all our bits & pieces and cool-down before rejoining the masses.

My race went really well, Elly & I stuck together for most of the distance and we did well at keeping a good steady pace. We had our own great support dotted along the course and that really helped, knowing where we’d see folks on the way round. I was a bit apprehensive about how I’d feel beyond 20m, beyond the furthest we’d run in training, I was waiting to hit ‘the wall’, but it never came, I just kept going, mentally crossing off the miles, one by one. The rain became torrential somewhere in the last miles, but it almost helped! it was so bad all you could really do was laugh and press on…I was soaked to the skin by the end. I’m not sure I’d say I enjoyed the run (fear of the unknown beyond 20m I think), but I loved knowing I was actually doing it, running the marathon, and got a huge kick out of running that last mile.

Thanks to Elly for getting the ball rolling and deciding to do this in the first place, to our supporters (Wendy, Steve, Elaine & Jamie), to Krista for looking after my legs, to Gordon for the gym program, to Fiona & Brendan for the mid-week JogScotland support and Elly & Murdo for the long run support. Lastly, I’d really encourage anyone contemplating a marathon to give it a go… sensible training got me round and got me my lovely marathon medal, and without any of the marathon horror stories you hear, I didn’t hit the wall, I still have all my toe-nails and I could still walk well enough the next day to make it round the Dublin shops!”

Phil said: “A number of months ago Elly told me she was contemplating doing the Dublin marathon, so I as a sign of encouragement went ahead and entered us both, then booked flights and hotel.

After plenty of training with ERN and the addition of two more marathon newbies (Gillian and Andrew) to the party, race day soon arrived. Feeling the pressure to finish and then get to a good vantage point to cheer Elly along I ran my socks off, which resulted in a new PB. It was great to see both Gillian and Elly running strong and determined over the last mile. Unfortunately I missed Andrew earlier while dodging the torrential rain showers, but we caught up with him for a recovery Guinness (or two) in the pub after all the ERN’s had finished. Overall it was a good marathon, well organised, with fantastic support and ERN PB’s all round! (and not just for the first timers)”

Wendy said: “Hi, I’ve attached some photos from Dublin for the website or the facebook page.

There are a few of the pumpkin balloon. It was my great idea – to put the ERN top on it and let it float about so they could see us but you see what happened when I did so we had to carry it about on it’s own. Did it’s job well but got a bit annoying in the end, banging off our faces, so you can see it’s final resting place after the race was over!

Was a good day, started off lovely but the last 1 1/2 hours it poured rain. Saw them all at different points in the race. The one of Phil’s back is at 2 miles and the other one is about 25 1/2 miles. The Eleanor and Gillian waving one is 2 miles and the one with the “onlooker” is 11 miles. They were looking good! I’ll leave the others to give you their running accounts.”


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