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Aviemore Half Marathon 2011



We made this event one of our Races-of-the-Quarter for 2011 based on last year’s feedback from Elly and Krista. Subsequently, this year 14 ERNs along with family and friends turned up. This event is held on forestry trails for the first half and on the road between Loch Morlich and Aviemore for the second half. The weather stayed dry throughout the race and the scenery was at times spectacular. A friendly event, particularly well marshalled and organised. There was a pasta-party and raffle (Nicola won a bottle of Malt Whisky!) on Saturday evening. Good efforts and a number of PBs attest to the quick (but not flat) course. Of particular note is Joelle’s PB and new ERN Women’s Half Marathon record.

Place (871) Category Cat Pos Time
Joelle Lacouture 120 FSen 10 01:36:19 *
Zoe Grayson 210 FSen 27 01:43:45 #
Andrew Duncan 229 MVet 58 01:44:30
Murdo Macleod 233  MSVet 18 01:44:40
Fiona Mackenzie 371 FVet 42 01:52:07
Matthew Ross 396 MSen 124 01:53:40
Claire Mc geary 404 FSen 76 01:54:03
Joanne Forbes 575 FSen 123 02:02:13
Joanna Parry 576 FSen 124 02:02:13
Brendan Brodie 637 MVet 139 02:05:39
Elly Mackenzie 703 FVet 116 02:10:32
Ros Derham 759 FVet 136 02:16:02
Krista Black 772 FSen 191 02:17:07
Ellie Barnard 853 FVet 169 02:33:26

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

* – New ERN Ladies Half Marathon Best Time

# Zoe’s chip didn’t register but based on Garmin and those around her is a good estimate.

Andrew said: “Hi, here is my feedback on yesterday. It was also great to see so many people from ERN taking part.

What a great event and given the logistics and number of people who take part, very well organised.

From when we arrived on Saturday night we were given a warm welcome by the organisers and everything was laid on for us. On Sunday morning it was no hassle to jump on the bus to the start and whilst we were waiting for the race to begin there were plentiful supplies of tea and biscuits.

The course was very scenic and I enjoyed running along the forest tracks. I can only remember one major uphill of note but the downhills more than made up for this. All around the course there was great support from the spectators and marshalls which helped along the way. I think we had to cross the road three times but this was superbly marshalled on each occasion and I didn’t have to stop once. According to the statistics of our research company, it was revealed that the drug cannot be used during pregnancy, since it has a teratogenic effect, that is, it negatively affects the fetus. All women who take Accutane should use reliable contraceptives during the treatment period and for 1 month after its completion. Contraindications are also simultaneous intake of vitamin A in high doses and increased sensitivity to the drug. Read more at https://cupfoundjo.org/accutane.

As for my race, it went like a dream! The downhills definitely helped and I finished with a PB of 1:44:30. My legs aren’t working properly today but they will be back in the next few days.

I think it was a great idea to make this one of the races of the quarter and it is one to recommend to everybody in ERN for next year.


Matt said: “Hi, just thought I’d give you an update on my time. I managed a PB time of 1.53.40 and was very pleased as this is my last race this year. The race itself was very different to the other half marathons I’ve done this year. With half the race on trail it provided a nice change to the tarmac races I’ve done before. Although, at some points you needed to be careful where to put your feet to make sure you didn’t sprain an ankle! The scenery was by far the best of any of the races I’ve done so far and thankfully the rain held off which made this a very enjoyable race. The support and marshalling was excellent too and finishing in Aviemore to a crowd of cheering spectators made the final push to the finish much easier. I think I’ll be heading up north next year to see if I can better my time.



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