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The Sailfish Standard Triathlon – Strathclyde Park

The Start - photo courtesy of Bob Marshall
The Start – photo courtesy of Bob Marshall

Krista Black took part in the main event she’s been training for all season; an Olympic standard distance event held in Strathclyde Park. Comprising of a 1425m swim, 38km cycle and a 10km run it was also double the distance of her previous races. Congratulations and well done on not only the finale event but also on a very consistent season. Some great category positions as well – Superb effort!

Place F-Vet 5yr Category Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Time
Krista Black 257 9 3 00:30:07 01:13 01:33:06 00:41 01:01:52 03:07:02

Krista said: “Hi, I participated in the Sailfish Strathclyde Standard triathlon on September 4th. It’s the main event I’ve been training for this year and double the distance of anything I’ve done before.

The registration opened at 6:15am with my swim wave starting at 8:00am, early start and the water was cold enough to thoroughly wake me up! It was also the first ‘deep water start’ that I’ve done. So, lots of new challenges! Basically, five minutes before the start everyone from your wave gets in the water, swims out and treads water until the gun goes off. The it’s chaos until the pack stretches out. It’s a bit crazy at the buoys as you need to turn right in a large rectangle to the next buoy. Before the first buoy I had my goggles kicked off and was swum over! Tracy and I have been practicing this and I imagine that it’s her being clumsy swimming beside me. This removed the hostility and got me to the finish of the swim without panicking (thanks Tracy)!. The bike was seven laps of a couple of climbs, and the run two laps of a relatively flat course along the side of the loch. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Marshall and his lovely wife Lesley at the Kelso triathlon, and have him to thank for the lovely photos of the event. I’ve not seen the finish times, but I’m not that fussed as my goal was to enjoy the event and finish! A success in my books and well marshalled and thanks to the Glasgow Triathletes for hosting and volunteering!


Photos: (Courtesy of Bob Marshall)

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