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An update from Australia

Greetings from Australia!
Greetings from Australia!

We’ve had some excellent news and updates from Australia; firstly hearing that Eilidh and Brendan are expecting their first child next February and then hearing that Ally, Mel and Isla have welcomed twins Ella and Eilidh into their family. Congratulations to both families and best wishes from all your friends at ERN. Details, more photos and an update on Eilidh and Ally’s running are shown below.

“Dear all,

Question: Is it better to be busy than bored? I’ve always thought so. Eilidh’s not sure, so we thought we’d put it to the test.

We’re both working pretty hard, but that’s not enough. There’s weekends to fill. That’s ok, we’ve managed to fill them by buying a house. But that’s just not busy enough, because we’ve got weeknights too. So we thought “I’ve heard kids keep you busy. Let’s get one of those as well.” Eilidh is due on the 29th of Feb 2012, so we’ll let you know how our experiment goes.

In the meantime, feel free to help us occupy the oh-so-quiet next six months. And to forward it on if I’ve missed someone.


Love Eilidh & B

PS, our 12 week scan photo is attached.”


“Thanks for circulating.  It’s been a bit of a busy time but I’m still running although at a somewhat slower pace! My only real achievement was a 42 minute 10K back at the end of May, a PB for me and then it went downhill from there.  I will attach a photo of a muddy cross country race I had back at the start of July for you.  I also took part in a very wet 6km relay round a horse race track, which resulted in me being off for nearly a week with a bad head cold, just in time for taking part in the City to Surf 14km race in Sydney.  This was also very wet at the start but I had such a good time on the run I didn’t mind.  There was a great atmosphere with lots of local support along the way (men dressed as smurfs dancing on route, scantily clad girl running on a treadmill, then lots of locals setting up stalls outside their houses handing out sweeties, cookies and oranges).  It takes you up a windy steep hill which reminded me a wee bit of running up Arthur’s Seat from the Sheep’s Heid, and from there you have views of the Harbour Bridge, then it’s on down to Bondi Beach.  Apparently it was the world’s biggest fun run with 80,000 entering and certainly felt busy.  I would highly recommend it for any visitors and perfect for Edinburgh folk who are used to hills!  At the weekend we had another relay up in Bendigo.  It was point to point so a lot of co-ordinating with cars and drop offs and pickups.  They gave me the easiest last leg with a finish on the track which suited me just fine (apart from the dead kangaroo’s reaking at the side of the road!).  I’m summer captain this year for all the track stuff but I guess I will be helping out more than anything!

Did you hear Ali’s good news? Twin girls born this month a tad premature, Ella and Eilidh (fabulous choice of names).  I think they are nearly ready to come home.  He and Mel will have their hands very full!  We met up with them in July.  I will see if I can find a photo of them too.

Well I better get the tea on.

Hope your well?


Ally, Isla, Mel and the twins, Ella  and Eilidh
Ally, Isla, Mel and the twins, Ella and Eilidh


They are home and doing very well, putting on plenty of weight. They are still prem at the moment, so sleep a lot, but if they are anything like their older sister, that will soon change. Isla has taken to them well and enjoys helping out. However, she has had a virus, so had to try and keep her away from them. Three girls under three is going to be tough.

I got caught out a little with them arriving so early, I wanted to get in one last good run, however, it wasn’t to be. I have been doing well recently, training hard, losing weight and feeling confident of doing some good runs. I just have to keep it up.


Some Photos From Eilidh:

Cross Country
Cross Country
City to Surf
City to Surf

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