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Speed of Light rehearsals – Holyrood Park

Lots of yellow jackets out on the Crags!
Lots of yellow jackets out on the Crags!

“Speed of Light” is a proposed mass participation large scale public art presentation on Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, to be held as part of the Cultural Olympiad in August 2012 with runners animating the hillside with trails of patterned light”.

As part of their rehearsals, the organisers (NVA) asked for volunteers to run in choreographed routes and patterns over the hillside. Andrew Simpson coordinated the response and nearly twenty ERNs turned up between Tuesday and Thursday evenings and followed designated team leaders on the various routes. There were over 60 runners out each night along with the organisers etc. The pace wasn’t the problem but trying to keep the spacing between the participants took a bit of getting used to. As the trial was in daylight, everyone was in Hi-Viz waistcoats but next year the participants will be wearing special lighting suits which will light up and change colour as part of the performance. If you’re interested in taking part, please register as shown on the NVA site (speed+of+light) or at www.speedoflight2012.org. Great fun, many thanks to Andrew for all his work in organising and coordinating the ERN participation.

Andrew said: “Hi All, Well if you thought if was fun running round the hill in Hi-Vis-wait until you try it in your Light Suit. I stayed on last night and tried out one of the light suits and they are awesome! Running round the same hill we had done earlier was completely different. The lights on the suits chance colour controlled remotely so that they can co-ordinate colour movement across the group of runners as they move across the hill. The whole thing looked amazing and that was only 15 runners, when they have 150 it’s going to be epic! Hopefully everybody added their e-mail address to one of the lists that they were passing round, if not, register on their website.

I think we did amazing well to get almost 20 ERN’s out, and I’m sure we could persuade a few more. It sounds like they are planning to have some other training meets later in the autumn before things get into full swing in the new year. I have said that I would co-ordinate any feedback from our group so feel free to pass on and I’ll share with them and the rest of our group.


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