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Haddington Half Marathon 2011

George and Murdo finishing
George and Murdo finishing

5 ERNs made the short journey down the A1 to Haddington for this lovely half marathon. Slightly unusual being on a Saturday afternoon but makes a nice change. The route takes you south of the town on a rural but stunningly scenic loop on quiet East Lothian roads. The weather this year was hot (it always seems to be for this event) and there was a strong westerly breeze/wind at times. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed their day – Susan achieving an excellent PB. George, unfortunately, ended up suffering from severe cramp for the last 3 miles but finished although not without some difficulty. Many thanks to Haddington and East Lothian Pacemakers (H.E.L.P) for the event and to Nicola and Rona (and the lovely Lily and Mary) for also coming along to support.

Place (224) Time
Neil Page 13 01:25:16
Susan Wiltshire 91 01:43:01
George Maxwell 194 02:06:39
Murdo Macleod 195 02:06:39
Gillian White 220 02:23:23

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Gillian said: “I decided to do the Haddington Half on Saturday. It was undeniably humply, but the hills are not that many (the race description is very detailed on where they) and they are balanced out nicely with downhills and flat stretches, some sunny stretches but some shady too. I thought it was well marshalled (friendly & encouraging), clearly sign-posted and quite generous with the number of water stops, I’m pretty sure there was 2 before I hit the 5m mark. I’ve only done one other that was out on country roads (in winter), so I enjoyed how scenic it was today, I passed a field of sunflowers (pick 5 for £1, I’d go back but I know I’d never find it again!) and there were lots of butterflies at one other point.

I was just running to get the miles in, rather than racing, which is just as well as I think I got a personal worst! It took me ages to settle in and start enjoying it, it was quite warm too (2pm start doesn’t help there)and then a stitch persisted through the latter half. My first three miles were around the 10m mile mark, which put me in the last half dozen! I’ve never been so last in race before, having the first aid van dawdle about behind us was quite off-putting! Being at the back also meant I ran for a while beside a runner who was pushing his son round in his wheelchair, he completed the race to a huge cheer. I had a look at his website this morning, it’s worth a look – http://micknphil-marathonlads.com/about.php

Even though I didn’t have a great run myself, I would still recommend it, don’t let the hills put you off, just hope for a cool day.”

Some photos: (several courtesy of Bob Marshall who has many more – thanks):

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