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Forth Road Bridge 10K 2011

The Forth Bridge (photo courtesy of Roadrunpics)
The Forth Bridge (photo courtesy of Roadrunpics)

Well done to Chris March, Les McIntosh, Val Beattie, Mike Newton and Jo Forbes who took part in the Pitreavie AAC 10km Road race which famously includes the Forth Road Bridge. Similar to last year the weather was warm and dry and all posted good times especially Jo who achieved a PB. This race is a favourite with all that take part; stunning and unique setting, welcoming, well administrated and a great prize-giving and spread afterwards. Thanks to all at Pitreavie AAC for a great event. Highly recommended.

Place (319) Category Time
Chris March 116 FV40 00:45:42
Mike Newton 192 MV40 00:51:26
Jo Forbes 219 FSen 00:53:30
Les McIntosh 227 MV40 00:54:05
Val Beattie 277 FSen 00:59:40

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Jo said: “Following the open water swim, beer & a ceilidh on the Saturday I was feeling tired for the Forth Road 10k but looking forward to it as well as it’s a great event. Lovely sunny clear day meant that the views over the Forth would be worth it! Set off and got into a nice pace going over the bridge enjoying the sunny weather, I was feeling pretty good and strong on the up hills (which there are a few!) and when I saw Les up ahead I knew I must be going faster than my normal pace and kept it up for the last stretch of the bridge finishing strong.

Fantastic day for the race and the best spread of food & cake afterwards I have seen, 36 spot prizes and a lovely prize giving make it a really nice event to be part of, which is why it sold out in 2weeks! I even managed a PB which was the biggest surprise! Would be great to get a larger turnout of ERN’s next year as it’s a race to remember.


Chris said: “This was the fourth time I’ve done the Forth and yes folks it is STILL my fave race! It is extremely well organised, amazing views – testing in places and provides a real sense of achievement at the end – how often do you get to run a race like this? The most awesome bit is about 7.5k when you are going back over the bridge in the direction of North Queensferry and the bridge is at it’s steepest but most spectacular! It really is something. An alternative view could be it is the endorphin rush I was feeling or the general knackeredness – but I’ll stick with my first appraisal!

7 seconds slower than last year which I could put down to factors outwith my control – the heat (no complaints there), the slight crosswind (not as bad as it could have been) but more like my lack of focused training. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The turnout was great – good to see Les out for his 3rd run in 5 months (yes – he could do with a bit more focused training too!) and Jo getting her PB – well done! My chum Treeza came up from Harrogate to do this race (oh … and something about a Foodies Festival!) and rated the race, ‘slow, scenic and super-spread’. She is absolutely right about the scenic and the spread – these Pitreavie folks know exactly how to put on a good party! As for the slow … check out the Pitreavie website for some of the early finishing times … hmmm … more focused training required to match some of those I think!

I totally agree with Jo – it would be great to see more ERNs out next year – this is a unique race and incredibly well organised race and deserves as much support as we can give!


Photos: (Courtesy of Roadrunpics – thanks as always)

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