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Kelso Triathlon 2011

Tracy at a very wet Kelso
Tracy at a very wet Kelso

In weather that could only be described as “for ducks”, Tracy Paterson and Krista Black bravely continued their triathlon adventures. Despite the incessant rain it was warm and both women successfully manoeuvred the wet course. Their next races are the Strathclyde Park Olympic Distance, (Krista), and the Galway Ironman 70.3, (Tracy), both on 4th September, so hopefully they’ll have dried out by then. Great effort.

Place Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Overall
Tracy Paterson 38 00:13:16 00:01:22 00:48:10 00:01:31 00:29:21 01:33:40
Krista Black 73 00:15:56 00:01:54 00:59:15 00:01:24 00:36:45 01:55:14

Tracy said: “Krista and I braved through nonstop rain to attend our 7th triathlon of this year, the Kelso triathlon as part of the Borders series. The weather did not hold up and the rain was on for the duration of the event, but thankfully due to the lack of wind it stayed warm enough. I enjoyed my swim this time; with so many participants not turning up due to the weather, almost every swim lane had less than the typical 5 swimmers, so we could spread out a bit and enjoy it. Krista had the luxury of her own lane. My T1 didn’t go terribly well with a few equipment malfunctions, and I almost came off of my bike twice (brain malfunctions), but thankfully the event ended successfully for both of us. The next triathlons for Krista and I are on 4 September, the Strathclyde Park Olympic distance triathlon and the Galway Ironman 70.3. For a runner who has suffered one too many injuries to count, and those injuries having removed me from running for quite a while, triathlon has become an excellent substitute, because it conditions a wider variety of muscles, reduces risk of injury, and allows me to continue running injury-free. I would highly recommend all ERNs, particularly those who suffer from recurring niggles and injuries to give triathlon a go!”

Photos: (Courtesy of Bob Marshall)

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