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Donkey Brae 7 Mile Race 2011

Aberdour Harbour (the race runs along here both out and back)
Aberdour Harbour (the race runs along here both out and back)

A great turn-out of ERNs and friends took part in this year’s Donkey Brae race or turned out to support (thanks to Nicola, Balfour, Isabel, Roger, Susan, Karen, Laurence, Jacob, Orla, Grace and Dara). This is also an ERN Summer Series Run and one of our Race-of-the-Quarter event with a number of first timers taking part. Congratulations to those that set a PB but especially of note is ‘tache Gordon’s fabulous PB and 2nd in category award and to Trudi Robertson who was 3rd in category (unfortunately no prize but only seconds between the first 3 in category!).

The race itself is a scenic, humply, run out through Aberdour to Dalgety Bay and back; down to the shore and fields, out and back on a variety of cycle-tracks, park roads and streets before the climb up the infamous Donkey-Brae (not as bad as you think) to finish at the festival/farmers market and marquee where a good crowd welcomed all home. The weather was braw (cloudy but warm) and allowed everyone to have a good race and subsequently to retire to the nearby Silver Sands Beach area for a lovely BBQ. As always, many thanks to all at Aberdour Festival. We’ll be back next year.

Place (235) Time
Gordon Purves 17 00:45:12
Phil Humphries 25 00:46:53
Trudi Robertson 104 00:54:56
Gordon Faulkner 133 00:57:56
Mike Newton 141 00:58:46
William Fisher 142 00:58:48
Jennifer Macdonald 159 01:01:48
Nikki Russell 167 01:02:38
Clare Graham 183 01:05:02
Jim Robertson 184 01:05:16
Teresa O’Dwyer 191 01:06:13
Brendan Brodie 193 01:06:19
Val Beattie 199 01:08:03
Claire Winstanley 212 01:10:16
Jim Cunningham 220 01:11:07
Gillian Grant 221 01:12:07
Elly Mackenzie 223 01:13:49
Keith Chinery 224 01:13:57
Aicha Reid 225 01:14:24
Jo Forbes 226 01:14:24
Heather Jones 227 01:14:28
Krista Black 228 01:14:40
Adrienne Murray 231 01:15:45

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Some Photos:

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