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Edinburgh Triathletes Women’s Triathlon 2011 – Dalkeith

The "Tri Stalwarts" - Krista, Jo and Tracy
The “Tri Stalwarts” – Krista, Jo and Tracy

Following on from their good experience last year, Jo Forbes, Krista Black and Tracy Paterson took part in this year’s event.

Place (94) Swim Bike Run Total
Tracy Paterson 7 00:09:12 00:21:52 00:23:55 00:54:59
Jo Forbes 35 00:11:24 00:25:33 00:26:00 01:02:57
Krista Black 36 00:09:35 00:25:02 00:29:30 01:04:07

Jo said: “I returned for my second Edinburgh Women’s Triathlon this year and was determined to enjoy it more than last year as I have been having swimming lessons and can now swim front crawl. Me & Krista were in the same swim heat & lane which was nice and we ended up with only 4 instead of 6 swimmers in our lane so I felt a lot more relaxed, as the swim is the part I worry about most! Lovely group of women and everyone is just as nervous so that makes it a lot easier.

Swim went much better this year and I enjoyed it more, out the pool to transition which again I was more organised and quicker getting onto the bike and off for the 10k cycle. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day so I was really enjoying being on the bike and managed up the hill at the start taking over a few folk which helped my confidence, the cycle is a nice loop route on the roads with a fast downhill section as well then back to transition for the run section. The run I find is also a tough part as your legs aren’t quite moving as they normally would but it gets easier once you get into a decent pace and rhythm. The support was great as well with Fraser, Lawrence & Gordon cheering us on plus a lot of women from our cycling club were taking part as well so we were well supported!

Great event this year and I managed to knock 10mins off last years overall time so I’m happy with that!


Some photos: (including some courtesy of Edinburgh Triathletes)

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